I am only people s guardian - President

  • 21 Oct 2009 05:40:06 GMT

    Anay Paw, Hari Ahinsakai, Meda Parath, Janday Demu. Miniha Porondu Ishta Karana Kenaklu.

  • 21 Oct 2009 08:52:45 GMT

    Mama Rajek Nevay. Why now, you could have tell this long before. You acting like a king since the war was won by the greatest sacrifice of sinhala village boys.

  • 21 Oct 2009 11:22:34 GMT

    Minister Rohana Kumara Dissnayake s wife and children have worshiped Chief of Defence Staff General Sarath Fonseka on bended knee when he accompanied the President and other VIPs to the Minister s residence in Matale after attending the felicitation ceremony of the forces at the Aluviharaya in Matale. Neither the President nor the other VIPs had reportedly received such a welcome.

    A similar situation had occurred even at the felicitation ceremony where the people had welcomed the General on stage with loud applause that lasted for about 10 minutes. The President had reportedly not received such a response.

    Sources said the President was thoroughly displeased with the situation

  • 21 Oct 2009 11:50:50 GMT

    The President didnt get the same applause of Sarath Fonseka by the public because they know who is true war Hero and who is trying to take petty political gains.

  • 21 Oct 2009 14:16:52 GMT

    Baya wenda Epa, Modayo Tika Modayo Karaganna puluwan Meda Parath. Deshapramee buruwange piten, Raja Dhanaya Godanaga ganda puluwan. Budu Saranai.

  • 21 Oct 2009 17:55:10 GMT

    The only crown this king will ever wear will be crown symbol of the NFF to be placed on his bloated head by wimal w.

  • 21 Oct 2009 23:24:25 GMT

    [I am only people s guardian - President]

    And im Jesus !

  • 21 Oct 2009 23:37:23 GMT

    He came to deliver Honorable Peace.

    not to became a guard.

  • 22 Oct 2009 04:06:12 GMT

    Than Roamu Catholica Paliiyata yanawa Meegomuwe. Buddunwa issarata dala paulage aagama hangala Pottu Dagena Dval Pansal giyas. Than hora hauunna. Than catholica chande balagena meegomu yanwa. neerma Baudayek haa anith agamwalata garukara kennek langadeema Janadipathi kama ellanna enawa. Than Baye. Ayeth Botaleta bahal lu

  • 22 Oct 2009 06:02:59 GMT

    [I am only people s guardian]

    That is why we, the ever grateful people of Sri Lanka think of you as our GOD, our KING and our guardian. According to our rich history the King of the country has been the guardian.

    Apey Aacharrya Mahinda Rajapaksa Maharajathumaata deergaayuwaeva!!