Hyenas fishing in trouble waters

  • 16 Oct 2009 01:17:04 GMT

    [ The government does not seem to care to ward off the threat. It has removed the scourge of terrorism in an epic war but apparently does not know how to manage its spectacular military victory. ]


    If they don`t know how to manage the military victory how do they claim it was done by politicians. that is what I cannot understand.

    Since, JRJ time parliament has murderers, Thugs, Criminals. Look like they want to continue it that way.

    JVP could not do it. they became just a part of them.

    I think, only hope for Sri Lanka is a Military govt.

    None of the present govts is for Sri Lankans.

  • 16 Oct 2009 01:20:21 GMT

    [Regretfully, the government has left room for its critics who are shedding crocodile tears for the military which they once ridiculed, to accuse it of trifling with former service chiefs who were instrumental in steering the country to victory. ]

    This Editor talks everything that I had in my mind. the govt on purpose let that happen. Otherwise, how come, people who earlier ridiculed the army now suddenly try to get their help to come back to their lost prestige.

    Only thing is VOTERS should not get caught in any negative propaganda and Media should help people in that journey if possible to defeat both sides.

  • 16 Oct 2009 01:40:40 GMT

    [ Appointing an ex-Navy Commander a ministry secretary has raised many an eyebrow as it is like converting a gunship into a passenger vessel. And appointing a former army chief to a ministry as its head would be like making an omnibus out of a battle tank! ]

    According to Buddhism these things are Bad KArma. IT will come back to the people.

  • 17 Oct 2009 11:23:16 GMT

    According to Buddhist this is good Karma the leaders are re-borne to rule the country for good deeds they have preformed in their past life with privilege status luxurious life styles and money to boot.So don`t complain rejoice