`Act responsibly or be chased out, Gota tells BBC & envoys

  • 1 Feb 2009 07:31:25 GMT

    [No need to chase but just ask them to leave they will happily go but what will happen if they chase out our commissioners? ]

    So we need to bow our heads and let them entertain terrorists?

  • 1 Feb 2009 08:07:46 GMT

    Today some damning news supposedly from the war front was shown on Sky News NZ. Some images of supposed civillians killed and injured, aerial bombing and mortar attacks, civilians including children running into bunkers, etc etc the complete works of war.

    Chris Morris of the BBC reporting from Mullativu and Kili said the towns are TOTALLY deserted with absolutely NO civilians, who are supposed to have gone with the tigers for their protection and that they do not trust the SL forces.

    The BBC and even CNN have trailers running saying that babies are caught in the crossfire.

    Well Gota..........over to you!

  • 1 Feb 2009 08:21:54 GMT

    West propagate Terror...they Armed them...send funds to them...finally media to highlight them.

    Military has shown in various occasions how IC has worked with LTTE in Vanni...it is up to the Government to show them the Exit if meddle with internal matters.

  • 1 Feb 2009 08:35:59 GMT

    [So we need to bow our heads and let them entertain terrorists?]


    That is exactly what is happening. If has the courage, gut and backbone he should have done this long time ago for the things they have done, rather than talking pompous!He knows that any longer that couldn`t be done.

    Gota is taking us on long ride!!

  • 1 Feb 2009 09:08:29 GMT


    These videos are widely shown around the world and it has shown that whatever the SLA does, the weapons are not effective against the goats in the area. They stand still while people panic.

  • 1 Feb 2009 12:39:59 GMT

    It is not just the BBC Anchor, Morris, who is biased. BBC at the highest levels has a warped sense of impartiality. The BBC Board REFUSED to allow an appeal for funds to help the people of Gaza who have been battered for 22 days non-stop by the Fourth most powerful military machine using even banned White Phosphorous bombs and Flechette shells.

    When 1.5 million people are blockaded for over 2 years and then mercilessly bombarded, BBC had nothing to say of the blatant genocide. But, it shows undue concern for less than one-fifth that number who have not seen even a fraction of the bombardment the people of Gaza underwent and who have NEVER been subject to a blockade. Disgusting. BBC is simply disgusting.

  • 1 Feb 2009 19:24:35 GMT

    (Act responsibly or be chased out, Gota tells BBC & envoys)

    It means to say that India,China,and World famous Terrorist nation,Pakistani were the only Countries act with responsibility.

    Rajapaksa Madness is running out of control.

    If Gothambaya trying to chase the Germans,what is the living for the beach boys and the comfort girls in the South?

    Is he trying to change his name with Gotha-Mugabe?

    (He warned that members of the international community, specifically the German and Swiss ambassadors, who are trying to create panic will be similarly treated.)

    *Gotha can kill Aid workers from France*

    *Gotha can kill the Journalists*

    *Gotha coolies can bully the TV/Radio broad casting services, who are reporting the truth.

    (He named, CNN, Al-Jazeera and specially the BBC of trying to sensationalize civilian hardships by telecasting video clips from LTTE websites.)

    So,who is reporting the truth? Defense lk?

    But no body should talk about this!

    Is this the Demo-Crazy,he learn from America?

    Better,Obama take note of this guy,trying to make the Sorry Lanka as another Zimbabwe!

    O`Poor Sri Lankans Sinhalese,you got a `mad` dictator similar to Hitler and you got enemies all over the World including the place your peace magnet,Lord Buddha was born?

  • 1 Feb 2009 19:44:41 GMT

    Gotabaya is dead right. The BBC is biased. They are supporting the Tamils in Sri Lanka but not the Gazans. They support the Israeli Government but not the Sri Lankan one. The explanations are banal and utter rubbish. The BBC should be treated as they are in Zimbawe. They should be banned in Sri Lanka.

    I have had to tell Susie Price and Frances Harrison both BBC journqlists more than once that they were glorifying terrorism that is a crime in Britain. This was after Chandrika lost an eye near the town hall in 1999.

    By the way I was a journalist working for the Daily News and the Daily Mirror at different times between 1996 and 2002.

  • 1 Feb 2009 20:06:39 GMT

    I don`t wish to defend Gotabaya`s comments about diplomats. Even if true, a person in his position should be a bit restrained. He is however spot on when it comes to foreign journalists.

    In today`s UK Sunday Times there is an article by Marie Colvin, the famous one-eyed journalist who received this injury back in 2001 when reporting from Sri Lanka. She not only lost her eye due to SL Army fire but claims that she was ill-treated by the Army. She therefore clearly has an axe to Grind with the Sri Lanka Government and the Sri Lanka Army in particular. She paints a grim picture based entirely on what she has seen on Tamilnet. She goes on to quote `a Tamil source` saying They do not want to seek refuge with their killers. So, this is not unbiased reporting. Shame on Marie Colvin and shame on Sunday Times.

    She also refers to the government as the Buddhist Government in Colombo. Where was Ms Colvin when Lakshman Kadiragamar was assassinated? Where was she when Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was assassinated? Has she ever heard of messrs. Devanada, Thondaman, Bathiuddeen, Mohamed and others in the Cabinet or have they all been forcibly converted!! A journalist who only talks to on side and doesn`t do her research doesn`t deserve any respect.

    What do you reckon rowdypeter?

  • 1 Feb 2009 20:11:42 GMT

    The head of BBC`s South Asia news department is a Tamil. Surprise!