Is he gone or still around?

  • 30 Jan 2009 03:48:48 GMT

    Praba will you fail your ppl? or will you remain in strength? its a fight of the under-dogs... put me in a ring and i`ll show you whos king!

  • 30 Jan 2009 03:49:07 GMT

    Dan kee sarayak kiwwada moo gihin nehe kiyala! Aye ahanawa `is he still around` kiyala.

    All land routes are sealed by the army, the navy has a tight cordon in the sea and there is no way of escape through the air as all the tiger air strips are not with them anymore. Even Karuna is on record saying VP is cornered in Mullativu. So the rascal must be inside a bunker at Pudukudiparippu (or whatever that place is) which remains to be captured.

  • 30 Jan 2009 11:47:16 GMT

    Most Likely This Criminal is Dead, the LTTE propaganda machine is keeping a dummy to keep the movement going on, cause LTTE is purely based on and around a lunatic name Prabakaran. If the Movement is not there what will happen to the Multi Million $ thats been taken, begged, robbed, donated from Tamils around the World in the name of fake elution call Eelam?? What will happen to the Million $, drug, gold, arms smuggling business ??


    And Prabhakaran reigned supreme with foreign backing thanks to the shameful servility of the UNF regime and the UPFA government under President Kumaratunga


    Who ever who published article conveniently forgets one important point due to lack of memory capacity to retail past history, a common decease among our Sri Lankans.

    Before UNF formed the Gov, UPFA gove was brought to its knees by the LTTE and the mismanagement of the Economy and the BADLY Handling of the WAR by CBK and her Uncle.

    Our Only International Airport was Attacked, Ships refused to Harbor in Colombo port. 40,000 SLA was stuck ed in North, without water and food. Due to drought hours of power cuts have already made the economy bad to worst. We didn`t had the money to continue the WAR. No country was willing to help and with the 9/11 things was getting gloomy by the day to LTTE. LTTE used the bankrupt situation of the country to control the Gov and to keep a low profile of its terrorist activities as there was a Huge Momentum and Voice was roaring against all terrorist movements. Ranil W was not that Smart to outsmart LTTE with a CFA. He was Forced to Signed a CFA that was prepared by the LTTE. LTTE never expected it to backfire as the CFA was totally to the advantage of LTTE. However RAW, CIA, Milinda M played a major role behind the seen during CFA. The out come split Karuna from LTTE, and Proper monitoring system of the Sea in Nort East. This was the reason why LTTE walked out of the CFA.

    Even though the CFA was not good for the country in long run we must appreciate the benefits we got. We managed plenty of time to prepare, recruit, train squads like SF, DPU, and study the ltte behavior. Thanks to MR, and GR we are harvesting the benefits. And Unlike other leaders, MR have the Guts to stand up against IC pressure and continue in the process of wiping out the LTTE.

  • 30 Jan 2009 13:26:46 GMT

    When was the last time anyone saw him? was it heroes day? If so, was that a body double?

    [So are the cowards who have been backing him on false pretext.]

    You know who you are. This forum positively reeks of such people.

  • 30 Jan 2009 21:39:01 GMT

    [MR have the Guts to stand up against IC pressure] tru dat, for once looks like the whole country got a sense of direction, a glimpse of the finish line, if you can picture it, then you can achieve it... cheers to MR

  • 30 Jan 2009 23:37:38 GMT

    How do you sink a LTTE submarine?

    You knock on the hatch!

  • 30 Jan 2009 23:57:54 GMT

    Tamil Tiger asylum seeker in London sees notice in newsagents shop window - `Man wanted for Robbery and Murder!`.

    He goes in and says to the owner - `Sir, I`d like to apply for that job!`

  • 31 Jan 2009 00:06:03 GMT

    [The capture by the army of an LTTE plant manufacturing submarines yesterday has led to speculation that Prabhakaran may have fled in a crude submarine]

    I heard about the submarine plan in late 80`s here in Australia. That is the value of feelings network which the GOSL does not have.

  • 31 Jan 2009 00:11:28 GMT

    [ People are very likely to rise against the LTTE and break free]

    If this were to happen - then the SLA has been a facility and not an enemy/opposition of the Tamils.

  • 31 Jan 2009 00:16:19 GMT

    [Prabhakaran is already on the wrong side of history. So are the cowards who have been backing him on false pretext]

    What about Karuna?

    What about Rohana Wijeweera?

    What about SWRD with his Sinhala only and his silence when Tamils were attacked ?

    Are they all on the right side of history? as are those who support/elect them as leaders of the nation?