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SriLankan offers Hot Seats

Monday, 26 January 2009 - 3:21 PM SL Time

SriLankan Airlines has introduced `Hot Seats` for the benefit of all Sri Lankans and friends of Sri Lanka travelling to and from Sri Lanka. `Hot Seats` offers the best fares for travel on SriLankan on designated tickets purchased in advance.

This is a great opportunity that will benefit Sri Lankans around our network now and in the future, as the airline hopes to make this an ongoing offer, a media release from the airline said.

SriLankan`s `Best Fare Guarantee` for tickets purchased on its website means that lower fares simply can`t be found anywhere else. The best way not to miss this chance is to log into the airline`s website to check the fares before a decision is made to purchase air tickets.

Head of Worldwide Sales of SriLankan, Mohamed Fazeel said: SriLankan is now in a position to reduce ticket fares and that`s just what we have done.

First we removed our fuel surcharge on fares throughout almost our entire route network, and now the opportunity has come to provide low fare `Hot Seats`.

This offer is available only on the airline`s website and the number of seats available per flight is limited and will vary subject to demand. For example, there are `Hot Seats` available in January for travel in April, but there are still some Hot Seats left on certain flights in February.

General Manager SriLankan Holidays, Amith Sumanapala said: These are the hottest rates on offer. We are giving these incredible discounts to almost all our destinations in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and the Far East. This is our way of rewarding customers who book `Hot Seats` in advance.

Hot Seats tickets are limited to flights operated by SriLankan Airlines, and are not available on those operated on codeshare agreements with other airlines.


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