Ancient Lanka s reservoirs and irrigation canals

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    The artificial canals taken from the main rivers e.g. Mahaweli Ganga, Amban Ganga and Kala Oya etc., constructed by the ancient Sinhala engineers is about 506 miles in length. The capacity in acre-feet of these three major tanks is as follows: Giant s Tank: 26,596, Kantale Tank: 37,124, Kala Weva: 72,687. These statistics of the tanks and canals that were functioning in the 10th Century should convey to anyone the magnitude of the achievements of the ancient Sinhalese engineers in the sphere of irrigation. There is nothing to compare with this achievement in irrigation anywhere in the world. For a moment one can imagine what Anuradhapura would look like without the glory infused into its environment by the irrigation tanks and canal system. It would have the hot dehydrated appearance of the dry zone during the Yala season. To enjoy the fabulous view from the Tissa Weva tank bund in the early hours of the morning or in the late evening with the cool breeze blowing across the wide expanse of water, is an experience that no Sri Lankan should miss.

    Isn t it strange that the greatest achievement of the Sinhala irrigation engineers is buried in the middle of a tank bund, so that no one can see it and therefore very few can understand it? ]

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    Thank you for the article. Very informative.

    In fact, biso kotuwa is to eliminate what is called water hammer and errosion. Even in modern plumbing techniques you have a redundant pipe with an end cap just before the faucet. This is the arrest the water hammer which can destroy the plumbing. Water hammer is a pressure wave that goes upstream when you suddenly block the water flow.

    Eitherway, my question to these homeland claimants and fundamentalists was to show that wanni was not exclusive to tamils even those days. Wanni belongs and rest of the srilanka belongs to everyone. They are trying to twist the history and trying to claim something that was non-existant.

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    Was really astonished to see a bisokotuwa working Sorabora wewa I think...:)



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    `Biso kotuwa` `soil dam`

    Water Level__________||_____________|=======|


    |_________________________ ------ water out

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    [My drawing to show what is `biso kotuwa` did not work :((]

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