Temple chief priests to get ownership of state lands in Sri Lanka

  • 24 Sep 2008 09:58:46 GMT

    What a stupid idea!

  • 24 Sep 2008 10:57:22 GMT

    Srilankan buddhism is going toward materialism

  • 24 Sep 2008 11:37:46 GMT

    Bhikku order in srilanka pushing itself towards an era like kandy. The monks in this era were absolutely corrupted.the educated monks and laymen need to take apropriate measures to set up a stragy to ensure that Buddhism is not used as a shield for opportunists and those who use it as their living.

    This is the right time for the fourth Buddhist convention.the chief prelates of all chapters (Nikaya) must instruct the leader of the country to make necessary arragement for the convention.

  • 24 Sep 2008 16:11:00 GMT

    There should be a good reason to make such a move. In the past there had been issues that certain people come and claim that the land where the Tempels belong to them and have taken the land forcefully. That could be a reason. What about what happend in Deegavapi? when Chandrika was ruling the country.

    Reemeber the issue a ceratain Minister claimed deegavapi should be colonaised by Muslims and damaged certain amount of assets to and land to build houses.

  • 25 Sep 2008 04:14:32 GMT

    [Reemeber the issue a ceratain Minister claimed deegavapi should be colonaised by Muslims and damaged certain amount of assets to and land to build houses]

    Who is the Minister and where and when did he say that? Fact is, 500 houses built for Muslim Tsunami victims languishing in refugee camps have NOT been allotted to them only because of Sinhala Buddhist Racists invoking the Supreme Court on Racist grounds while the Sinhala and Tamil Tsunami victims have long been given houses.

    It is the Sinhala Racists who are hell bent on Sinhalising the East using Deegavapi and newly installed statues and newly buried artefacts to implement their sinister plan

  • 25 Sep 2008 10:31:24 GMT


    It`s Minister Ashraf who died if a helicopter crah. And why are you having so much of anger in you? Are you guilty of something for you to be so upset. At the time this happend T-Sunami has not even taken place. So, don`t be too harsh on it cos the whole Sri Lanka knew about it and it was debated on TNL Tv at that time. Please check your records.

  • 25 Sep 2008 16:49:30 GMT

    What happened to giving up all material things and desires when you decide to be a monk? Land is not only material but very valuable indeed! The land of temples should either belong to the State or belong to the Temple community or the Temple having registered as a charitable/religious organisation. That way the land would belong to the temple as a whole and NOT the Chief Priest. I think as responsible lay citizens, we should take the first step in conducting daham paasal to both the President and our so called Buddhist monks!

  • 26 Sep 2008 04:13:23 GMT


    I remember that debate. Minister Ashraff NEVER claimed that Deegavapi area should be colonised by Muslims. On the contrary, it was, and quite unfortunately even now, the Sinhala Racists who are making false claims to lands adjoining the Deegavapi. Minister Ashraff, effectively demolished the mythical claim of 14000 acres as belonging to the Temple and established beyond a shred of doubt that the temple owned only a little over 500 acres.

    Now that he is no more, the Sinhala Racists are back to their sinister plan and once more making the claim to 14000 acres. They even made FALSE representation to the President that the land on which the 500 houses houses were going to be built is within 4km of the Deegavapi when it was 14km away whereupon the President ordered a halt to the project before it got started. The President gave the go-ahead after it was proved to him by the widow of Minister Ashraff that the land was in fact 14km away.

    Yes, I am annoyed that even after a war lasting over 2 decades with devastating consequences, the Sinhala Racists have not learned the lesson and are still bent on sowing dissension with LIES and BOGUS claims. I believe any true lover of Sri Lanka will get annoyed at the mindless actions of the Sinhala Racists. Don`t blame me.

  • 26 Sep 2008 04:16:06 GMT


    You are absolutely right. Agree totally with you.

  • 3 Oct 2008 13:10:49 GMT

    Thank you p007 -)