Food for thought.

  • 15 Sep 2008 07:17:50 GMT

    When Harry J says it is news and novel, but that is what we have been telling all the time just being ordinary people. The country , like many other developing nations had fallen in to the trap of SAP by IMF and World bank. Valuable Foreign exchange the country gets with the hard earned money of the domestic aids working in Middle east is being funneled back to the western world for the education of the Children of the rich in our country. The middle class , university students and the JVP, stupidly obstruct private universities being opened in the country for those who are able to afford to get the education within the country saving millions of foreign exchange . Similarly youth had been misguided with an old concept that university education is the only way to a decent living as decades ago every body was looking for government jobs when the private sector was not much developed. Even Buddhist monks are competing with laymen to enter arts faculty when thousands of Art faculty graduates are unemployed. This is all because of free higher education given to a limited number of people in the country, who in return shamelessly demand employment in the government sector.

    The country should bring reforms to the education sector. Instead of giving free higher education , the youth should be given training to become skilled workers free of charge and make those who wants to obtain higher education pay for the tuition. The government can give them low interest student loans to be fair for all so it is not only the children of the rich could get higher education but others too who qualifies to enter universities.