`Secret talks`: UNP must disclose details

  • 13 Aug 2008 21:38:03 GMT

    SLFP,UNP, JVP or any other they ALL are indeed parasites sucking the sap out of the nation. All these political rascals enjoy life at the expense of the nation while the common man suffers.

  • 14 Aug 2008 01:39:00 GMT

    `SLFP,UNP, JVP or any other they ALL are indeed parasites sucking the sap out of the nation. All these political rascals enjoy life at the expense of the nation while the common man suffers.`

    This country has been ruined by a few families who Organized particularly the SLFP. UNP at least had few decent leaders in the caliber of DSS, Dudley and Premadasa.

    The SLFP, Silly Lanka Family Party, would join hands with even with the devil to stay in power.

    Karuna is a classic example.

    SLFP leaders even went to the extent of passport forgery.

  • 17 Aug 2008 05:08:45 GMT

    What ever happened in the past is past. Atleast for the first time in our filthy political history I think this government is really taking it on to the LTTE and for the sake of our brave soldiers who are sacrificing their precious lives even at this very moment as we speak, let`s stop thinking as a UNP, SLFP (these political parties have become some people`s nationalities) .....etc or as Sinhalese, Tamils ..... etc...let`s hope as Sri Lankans that atleast this time this blood thirsty megalo eelam manic ruthless LTTE bastard Prabhakaran will be defeated and some sunshine will be shed upon our beautiful motherland and all of us (UNP, SLFP, JVP etc...and Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Bargers and who ever live there.... ) will be able to live a peaceful life as sons and daughters of mother Sri Lanka.

  • 17 Aug 2008 06:14:12 GMT

    The all important APRC is the forgotten entity! If anything it is important to gain consensus among the Sinhala polity, the major parties at least, as to framework of a solution.

    When it come to respect of human lives, the Sinhala polity and VP are two of a kind!

  • 18 Aug 2008 01:19:37 GMT

    I can agree with this article.

    [SLFP leaders even went to the extent of passport forgery.]

    What about Ranil and Premadasa who gave arms, Amo and Cash to the Tiger`s.

    None other than UNP National Security Minister Lalith Athulathmudali and Senior minister Gamini Dissanayake exposed these details

  • 18 Aug 2008 05:26:47 GMT

    SLFP has ruined the country by having family business mess up with state affairs. SLFP leadership went from family to family. The two families had over 100 other family members to benefit from. Nepotism is the order of day, when SLFP is in power. From Banda to MR, family is before country.

    With UNP, it is economic development before everything. UNP strongly believes that by developing the economy, it can overcome the national problem which was in fact created by SWRD back in 1956. JRJ, Premadasa, DBW and Ranil did not put their family members in government. They were decent leaders.

    It is said, as many as 56 family members of MR are now holding high positions both in Slanka and abroad in addition to over 100 family freinds. Bogollagama has over 60 family and friends in positions.

    UNP has always put the nation (sinhala/tamil/muslim) before everything and has done all it can to uplift their standard of living. SLFP has ruined all the gains made by UNP govenrments and wasted national wealth.

    It is now clear that SLFP has never being turthful when dealing with the national problem which was created by its founder father SWRD.

    Let me make a clarification about CBK`s new proposed constitution and why UNP opposed it. It included a clause to allow CBK to continue in politics beyond 2 terms in the office of PM instead of President. She wanted to continue to ruin the country for ever. UNP did belive that anyone who serves two terms as President should not be allowed to contest elections again.

    CBK could hoodwink, foolish SLFpers, but not intelligent UNPers.