Portending danger for potable water in Jaffna

  • 5 Aug 2008 16:43:12 GMT

    Any new industrial activity in the NE must be thorns in the eyes of the LTTE!

    Its leader wanted tamils to suffer and hence...

    Factories destroyed by LTTE leadership purposefully to drive people out of work and make people suffer- Building meterials KKS, Asbestos plant P duwan, Industrial estate Atchuvely, Paranthan chemical, Tile factory Oddisudan, illmenite factory Pulmodai, Salterns at E/pass

  • 6 Aug 2008 02:04:41 GMT

    Dust from the Cement mills, has been a problem in all three plants of the Cement Corporation. Ruhunu cement works in Galle, was ruining the entire village area but the helpless villagers had no say. Even in Puttalam, the entire jungle area was in danger.

    The main problem has been that the dust trapping and collection systems were obsolete even in the 1970`s. It is time that authorities upgrade the systems without any delay.

    In Colombo suburb of Ranala, a Sulphuric Acid manufacturing plant was put up by an unqualified Singaporean company. That plant ruined the entire undisturbed village area and the Singaporeans simply collected their money and disappeared.

    All these projects ended up in disasters mainly due to politicians putting their dirty hands into project financing in order to get their commissions.

    In a country like Silly Lanka, government must not get involved. Let the business people, born with the talents, do the business. Govt. and the permanent administration, should provide only the required legislation to protect the country.

    Even today there are many projects, promoted even by the BOI, that have been promoted mainly by the politicians without any effective Feasibility Studies.

    Down with the forced industrialization by the corrupted politicians !