Behave or face consequences, Police warn strikers

  • 9 Jul 2008 21:52:03 GMT

    [ Behave or face consequences]

    Tamils are at the end of police brutality in Jaffna. Young men are killed or abducted everyday in Jaffna and even those sought protection from HRC are left at the mercy of EPDP cadres while transporting from one place to another.

  • 10 Jul 2008 11:08:16 GMT

    Sintam is dosent matter tamils or sinhalese muslims .who ever wants to destruct the ongoing onslaught of the terror campaign must be severely punished.. thats the end of the story.. no government in the world would be able to make a pay hike of 5000 rs ..there should be a reasonable demand but pity political interests

  • 10 Jul 2008 11:31:56 GMT

    Sitamus : It is disgraceful that the TNA had to

    resort in supporting the strikers.....

    Gone down to such low levels ????

  • 10 Jul 2008 11:40:09 GMT


    where you stand for is not for,what you are looking for.

  • 10 Jul 2008 17:04:37 GMT

    Is this warning to the ministers or the Police force?

  • 10 Jul 2008 17:52:49 GMT

    Under what police penal code was Mervin Silva punished?

  • 11 Jul 2008 20:14:36 GMT

    Duty of a police is to maintain peace and order of the country.They don`t have any authority to warn public. If they do so then the GOSL is behind them.

    In that case I would like to warn GOSL one day you all have to reap what are sow today.

    Never give the sword to a monkey.