Troops to take over Mannar Rice Bowl

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:18:04 GMT

    Troops should Take over Mannar.../

    Clear MSR up to Pooneryn.

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:30:22 GMT

    [Troops to take over Mannar Rice Bowl ]

    finally Troops can eat some rice instead of punnakku ?

    *keep the bowl for further begging :)

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:32:13 GMT

    Yeah great! Destroy all cultivation when the world is facing a famine!

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:35:07 GMT

    Well done our own troops. You are great.

    Go Go Go...

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:38:02 GMT

    Few more days.or hold on

    come in, you are welcome now

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:45:15 GMT

    [The area under the Sri Lanka Army control is approximately 100 square kilometres, which is mainly paddy fields.]

    Its very good, if SLA can provide media with the response of the farmers in this rice-region, after taking it by SLA.

    Now, what the strategy of LTTE.

    Are they diverting the remaining resources to protect the heart of Vanni..?

    Or, is there any change of its original policy to create EELAM through war..?

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:47:30 GMT

    [[ Troops to take over Mannar Rice Bowl ]]

    what will be that called


  • 29 Jun 2008 01:51:18 GMT

    This is unbelievable progress !

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:53:43 GMT

    Some where else news said,SLDF attacked even viduthalathivu.

  • 29 Jun 2008 01:55:58 GMT


    Viddathalathive../ some ones dream.