Exploiting our potential

  • 29 Jun 2008 05:33:33 GMT

    [Yet industry professionals believe that the picture can turn for the better almost overnight provided we get our act in place and demonstrate to the world that Sri Lanka is not the dangerous place that some of today s headline project it to be.]

    Sri Lanka is dangerous to all foreigners who do not feel deeply for Sri Lanka. Only those foreigners who feel would be able to operate in a weakly structured unreliable environment. It is therefore irresponsible to tempt tourists who are looking for a relaxed time. That would not help them or us. Before we seek to `show`. We must know within first. If we know - then there is no threat from LTTE.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil

  • 29 Jun 2008 07:24:51 GMT

    [The travel advisories some countries have issued have made it difficult for our hoteliers to sell their rooms. ]

    Tourists have to pay as much as much as $180 for van rides only from the airport to the Southern beaches and back. There one portion of vegetable rice in a beach restaurant starts at $2.50, 4 slices of fluffy bread $1.60 whilst most restaurants are polluted by flees and stray dogs.

    Tourists can`t even get a beer on poya days, Wesak, New Year ...

    No no, Sri Lankans do anything possible to make tourists go to the Maldives and the much cheaper and more competitive destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia.

  • 29 Jun 2008 08:45:37 GMT

    International standard of majority Sri Lankans, are way behind rest of the world perhaps 50 years or more. That much time has been ruined by the few Family Politicians who want the majority to be behind time so that those families can control the majority and have best of both worlds.

  • 29 Jun 2008 22:27:10 GMT


    [International standard of majority Sri Lankans, are way behind rest of the world perhaps 50 years or more]

    Including your own grumblings about the ruling class families of the past.


  • 30 Jun 2008 01:48:16 GMT

    Some are so behind time and they continue to boast about their past and third class foreign connections...and continue to live in the past and criticize others using about 3 - 4 words without any new ideas. With such so-called Seniors, it is not worth contributing to LNP...--

  • 30 Jun 2008 14:06:50 GMT

    Sri Lankans are very capable people when they want to and when they give the colonial mentality of asking everything from overseas.

    India changed this mentality a lot. but, India did not think about the Indian culture to the same extent.

    That is where govt. policies needed.

  • 30 Jun 2008 21:59:27 GMT


    [India changed this mentality a lot. but, India did not think about the Indian culture to the same extent.

    That is where govt. policies needed.]

    One Gandhi invested in independence on behalf of millions of Indians. That still protects India



  • 1 Jul 2008 17:06:31 GMT


    There is nothing wrong with colonial mentality,if you really means the mentality of the colonials?During the times of the colonials there was prosperity and peace in the country and what have got today is nothing but chaos and decay.It`s is the forward thinking mentality of the colonials that gave us the superb infrastructure that is gradually being destroyed by our politicans and bigoted religious lobby.I am sure you are very happy Canada where this colonial mentality is much in evidence,such as respect for law and order,transparency,accountability,lack of corruption and respect for democracy which is so lacking in SL.Next thing that will happen will be to rig the elections,just as Mugabe is doing and lot of our two bits leaders in the third world are secretly admiring efforts of Mugabe to undermine the democracy just to stay in power.Just as Mugabe is bashing the colonials for his falures,we in SL will learn a few lessons from him to stay in power,while the masses are suffering.

  • 2 Jul 2008 00:28:04 GMT

    Be carefull when you writting any positves about colonial mentality. It want be long some one will point out Sri Lankas grate achivments to the world and the its anciant advance sivilization, The un blemish piecfull uncurrupet and caring Buddist culture which has been the sourc of becon of light to the colonials as far back as when the colonials were still climing trees as Appes. As was pointed out by some one while back in this forum. O

  • 2 Jul 2008 04:34:00 GMT

    We have proud history of 2500 years of rice growing.

    We have over 1000 tanks and irrigations systems.

    Yet we import rice from India and Burma.

    Need we talk about tourism which is a highly competitive industry.

    If it were not for the JRJ government which first mooted the idea of attracting tourists as a revenue earner and invited foreign investment to build hotels, which the SLFP rediculed that time, today Slanka would not get even one tourist.

    SLFP governments have ruined all potential industries in Slanka. Most of the tea estates that were nationalised are now depending on Treasury subsidies, whereas they were run successfully and profitably by professional planters for over 200 years.