Sri Lanka in drive to arrest thousands of army deserters

  • 22 Jun 2008 06:57:02 GMT

    They are going to arrest these thugs and send them over to Tamil Eelam. They will commit a group suicide in Tamil Eelam. Tamils will have to do the cleansing rituals to get rid of the Sinhala evil from Tamil Eelam.

    I wonder why the Sinhala Veera Soorayas refused to fight for their country and running away leaving their sarongs behind.

    Sinhala key board warriors in LNP say the LTTE is weak and they are winning but the Sinhala Veera Soorayas are running away, I guess they know the LTTE s strength much better than the Sinhala key board warriors of LNP. :))

  • 22 Jun 2008 07:09:05 GMT

    [Tamil Tiger rebels whose strength is not known, but estimated at between 5,000 to 15,000.]

    Wow, about 3 months earlier Fonny was saying LTTE had only 3000 fighters....

    This is encouraging news to Tamils. This could mean about 2000 to 12,000 force had arrived, most likely, from Tamil Nadu... GOSL and SLA underestimated the unlimited fighter resources of Tamils -- GOSL is fighting with an 80 million strong resource. The end result does not sound good for GOSL.

  • 22 Jun 2008 07:10:38 GMT

    [Hello Thivya,

    Did you meet bruce fein?]

    Yes, I went to see his meeting to hear what is his plan and how he will prosecute the American Citizen Gotabhaya and the US resident alien Sarath Fonseka under the American justice system for their crimes against humanity in Tamil Eelam.

    I am very pleased and satisfied with his answers. Why are you so concerned about his meeting?

  • 22 Jun 2008 07:12:03 GMT

    [Govt. kills 5000 Tigers but the war goes on]

    [For all intents and purposes, the military - according to Defence Ministry figures and claims - has cleaned up the map, and killed the Army Commander`s benchmark of 5,000 LTTE cadres between January 1, and the moment this newspaper was printed.

    As of last Friday, the statistics maintained by The Sunday Leader of LTTE cadres claimed killed by the Defence Ministry`s official claims, was 4,698. Given the Rajapakse administration`s war on media, we have exercised much caution in maintaining these statistics.

    And thus we have a number from the Defence Ministry - that cannot be independently verified - of 4,698 LTTE cadres killed in land and sea action. Theoretically, 302 should be remaining, skulking in the Wanni jungles. :))))

    For all practical purposes, going by Defence Ministry statistics alone the war should therefore be now over with at least 5000 Tigers killed between January 1 to date. But is it? And if not, how come? Surely the Defence Ministry that has identified media persons who challenge their word on the war as traitors would not have been lying to the very people who are funding the war? That after all would be treason, would it not?

    It would be almost delightful to hear the excuses of the people who believed the government when it claimed mid-last year that the LTTE strength was a mere 5,000, also believed in December 2007 (after 2,800 Tigers had been killed) that their actual strength was 3,000, and then later believed again in February that the true number was 5,000 cadres remaining and that the war would be over by August. What do they have to say now?]


  • 22 Jun 2008 07:16:22 GMT

    [The reality is that although Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka claimed bombastically that the war would be over by August with the killing of 3000 Tigers, and then by the end of the year, the advances of the military - most likely due to tactical and strategic sensibilities - have been conservative.

    The military has advanced, by its own estimates, as deep as 10 or more kilometres on the northwestern Mannar front, and has captured an area of 50 square kilometres in the road-less jungles atop northeast Weli-Oya.

    The area captured is effectively less than one third that was controlled by the Tigers six months ago. Although this was no mean feat for the soldiers on the front line, who have valiantly accomplished the tasks before them at great peril - hundreds of soldiers have died in battle this year - the arm chair map-meddlers who play with their toy soldiers at the Defence Ministry who cook up their politically opportunistic estimates need to be exposed.

    Even more stunning than the ever multiplying number of Tigers in the Defence Ministry books, are the sardonic claims from the government`s freshest batch of ministers (the February 2007 edition) made in defence of this administration`s arms dealing bonanza. ]

  • 22 Jun 2008 07:29:27 GMT

    [I am not concerned about your meeting him. But if you remember right, you said that you will ask him about his volte face from 2004 to 2008. By the way his article in 2004 appeared in the Washington Post of February 3. Wikepedia picked it from there. Washington Post don`t allow editing of their articles, do they?]


    I didn`t have the chance to see the Washington Post from 2004 to verify the facts. I don`t trust any Sinhala Nazis and I know they will do and say anything for anti Tamil propaganda. They committed murders for propaganda in Kathankudi and blamed the LTTE for it. Any Sinhala Nazi like you could have edited wikipedia and said that he saw it in the Washington Post.

    You do the research and show me the WP article or link, I will send him an e-mail and ask him about it. Before that, I will not offend a great legal scholar based on some Sinhala blabbering. Sorry I am not Doggy, Pillaiyan kind of Tamil, I don`t trust the Sinhalese.

  • 22 Jun 2008 07:30:33 GMT

    [Yes, I went to see his meeting to hear what is his plan and how he will prosecute the American Citizen Gotabhaya and the US resident alien Sarath Fonseka under the American justice system for their crimes against humanity in Tamil Eelam]

    how much was the package deal this SCUM bag fein asked for all that?? hak hakhak..lolz

  • 22 Jun 2008 07:31:55 GMT

    Somebody should get Thivya to marry Bruce Fein...

    Then they can live hapilly ever after :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • 22 Jun 2008 07:34:29 GMT

    One day it has to../

    deserters join criminal gangs and some disturbing civilian life in villagers.

  • 22 Jun 2008 07:35:00 GMT

    [Somebody should get Thivya to marry Bruce Fein... ]

    Before that somebody should convince anyone to marry MarkL. :)))