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Duminda Silva accused of threatening Anarkali with death

Wednesday, 18 June 2008 - 2:28 AM SL Time

Renowned film actress and singer Anarkali Akarsha yesterday accused ruling party western provincial councillor Duminda Silva of threatening to kill her and her mother if she refused to marry him.

The death threat allegation came following an incident at Elibank Road yesterday where it was alleged an attempt was made to abduct the actress when she in the company of her mother, was proceeding to keep an appointment at the Ramani Salon.

Silva and Akarsha were said to be in a relationship which had turned sour after the provincial councillor had reportedly started ill treating her.

The Morning Leader learns the actress had through her mother made arrangements to meet a senior lawyer tomorrow to get a restraining order against Silva.

Informed sources said Akarsha`s mother had alleged, Silva had assaulted her daughter prompting her to part ways. She had also alleged, Silva was refusing to end the relationship. Silva it is learned had denied the charges levelled against him and claimed the actress owed him Rs. 5 million which was the cause of the dispute.

Yesterday afternoon a group of vehicles with several armed security personnel had surrounded the vehicle in which the actress was at Elibank Road, forced her out of the vehicle and tried to abduct her, while she was on her way for an appointment at the Ramani Salon at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

Akarsha had convinced the goon squad to proceed to the Cinnamon Grand Hotel where they could discuss the matter civilly. Upon reaching the hotel, Anarkali Akarsha it was alleged was confronted by Duminda Silva. It was alleged by sources close to the actress that Silva had openly assaulted her and threatened to kill both the actress and her mother if she refused to marry the provincial councillor, charges Silva denies.

In full view of several witnesses at the hotel, the actress had fled after she was assaulted by Silva and proceeded to the Kollupitiya police station, where she attempted to make a complaint against the provincial councillor for attempting to abduct her, assault and threatening to kill her, a family confidant alleged.

Silva had however proceeded to follow her to the police station and prevented her from submitting a written complaint. The Morning Leader learns that a terrified Akarsha had informed confidants over the telephone from the police station that even within the confines of the police station, Silva had approached her and whispered in her ear that he would `some how kill` both the actress and her mother if she filed a police complaint and did not marry him.

Duminda Silva had further alleged that the former Miss Sri Lanka had defrauded him of Rs. 5,000,000 and claimed that his dispute with her was not to force a marriage registration but to recover his money. Silva`s version of events has been contradicted however by several eye witnesses who overheard him demanding that Akarsha agree to register with him as a married couple.

OIC, Kollupitiya Police, Chief Inspector Sisira, speaking to The Morning Leader confirmed that both Silva and Akarsha were present at the police station at the time of writing, but also said that the police had not received a formal complaint from either party.


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LK Information  17 Jun 2008 19:35:05 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Oh myyy,

Is that anarkali ?

Silva and Akarsha were said to be in a relationship which had turned sour after the provincial councillor had reportedly started ill treating her.
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LK Information  17 Jun 2008 20:37:45 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Another Silva?
Does he have a title??
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LK Information  18 Jun 2008 00:56:23 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Duminda Silva is now one of Mahinda's Rottweilers. A good news item for Poson.
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LK Information  18 Jun 2008 01:05:02 GMT  Report for Abuse  
How come Anud missed this picture?
Why he goes behind only indian gals:))
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LK Information  18 Jun 2008 05:49:00 GMT  Report for Abuse  
He meyala.... Bulat koleta chande dunna neda.... dan illan-kanna ehenam....
Anarkali's new theme...

moral of the story.... don't mess up with Silva's....hehehe
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LK Information  19 Jun 2008 01:56:26 GMT  Report for Abuse  
He s a barbarian the whole family is for that matter .. and she was asking for trouble too, feel sorry for the mother who s got to live with the threats and trauma.. hope the women s group will stand up against these men who abuse women and there rights
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