Duminda Silva accused of threatening Anarkali with death

  • 17 Jun 2008 20:37:45 GMT

    Another Silva?

    Does he have a title??

  • 18 Jun 2008 00:56:23 GMT

    Duminda Silva is now one of Mahinda`s Rottweilers. A good news item for Poson.

  • 18 Jun 2008 01:05:02 GMT

    How come Anud missed this picture?

    Why he goes behind only indian gals:))

  • 18 Jun 2008 05:49:00 GMT

    He meyala.... Bulat koleta chande dunna neda.... dan illan-kanna ehenam....

    Anarkali`s new theme...

    moral of the story.... don`t mess up with Silva`s....hehehe

  • 19 Jun 2008 01:56:26 GMT

    He s a barbarian the whole family is for that matter .. and she was asking for trouble too, feel sorry for the mother who s got to live with the threats and trauma.. hope the women s group will stand up against these men who abuse women and there rights