Former Principal St. John s College, Jaffna, Mr. C.E. Anandarajah.

  • 4 Jun 2008 12:57:10 GMT

    LTTE made several mistakes like this, lack of tolerance and poor knowledge in judging events was always a weakness with LTTE.

    If LTTE sleep/travel with the army in the Heli that is diplomacy, if people like Anandaraja played cricket they were traitors. People would have sidelined or ignored LTTE ages ago but the GOSL/Southern Taliban evils are much worse than LTTE that is why people still tolerate LTTE and with LTTE.

  • 4 Jun 2008 14:12:48 GMT


    wow! now I can stop! :D

    BTW define intellectual! *wink*

  • 4 Jun 2008 15:23:28 GMT

    It was not even two years after the Black July.Why did not this so-called intellectual-understand the feelings of several thousands of Tamil`s relatives,who lost their lifes and the Tamil race, when he organised that game-and that too with the Sinhala Nazi forces.

    It is difficult to comprehend!

  • 4 Jun 2008 17:23:37 GMT

    Nale Anna if he was targeted for organizing the game that s was a grave mistake. They have committed few blunders in the past.

  • 4 Jun 2008 17:56:20 GMT


    Of course!they have made mistakes!

    But he was insensitive and indifferent to the feelings of the people who have been suffering under the jackboot of the Sinhala Nazis.

    If he had organised a game with another college from south,you can understand to some extent,even though I would not have done that,at that juncture.

    Feelings were running very high at that time.Lots of very intelligent Tamil youths,who would have become intellectuals like him, were prepared to sacrifice their lifes for the sake of the oppressed Tamil people.

    There was violent freedom struggle going on in that part of the island.

    Being an itellectual,he should have assessed the situation correctly.

  • 4 Jun 2008 23:45:21 GMT


    [BTW define intellectual! *wink*]

    U..other names i will withhold..**winkie wink***

  • 3 Jul 2009 23:32:49 GMT

    Anandarajah was no saint. Having studied under him when he was a teacher and later as the Principal, I can personally say he was not a saint and neither was he a good teacher. He was a brutal angry man who was often cruel to the people around him. He deserved a good thrashing at times for sure. But he was a Tamil, a Christian and a family man and he was our own at St. Johns College. We Jonnians accept our own the good and the bad. Thats what makes us Jonnians who we are today.

    For some one or a group such as the LTTE to be judge jury and executioner and to kill him like a dog on the road is wrong. Any group that sanctions such an execution should be compared to the Nazis. In that the LTTE was indeed acting like thugs and butchers who killed our own unarmed Tamils such as Duriyappah and Amirthalingam and even Umamahaswaran etc etc...What gives any one of us Tamils the right to kill our own people without putting them on trial first? This is what made the LTTE a terrorist organization in the eyes of the world. Killing ones foe in battle is accepted by the world. But killing an unarmed fellow brother from your own community on the road and tie their bodies to lamp-posts is the act of cowards & thugs and uncivilized mobsters. Which is what LTTE sadly had become when they started killing fellow Tamils. The LTTE was never led by intellectuals. So I suppose its wrong of us to expect anything better to have come from the LTTE leadership.

    In Christianity there is a saying.... `Those who live by the swords shall perish by the swords` and I am sad to see thats exactly what had become of the hierarchy of the LTTE. How wonderful the LTTE would have been if they had followed the examples of the Haggana and Eruguin which helped the birth of Israel with armed struggle and the Viet-Cong of Ho Chi Minh who also were fighting for the same thing we Tamils are fighting for, a separate state and self government. They fought with arms and they did it with dignity and by killing their enemy and not fellow brothers, and they won their homeland. In the eyes of the LTTE the common Tamil man was NOT worthy of making the decisions for himself and the LTTE was capable of making it for us and we were stupid and they were not. That was their philosophy and that was WRONG.

    As a Tamil, I do hope the next liberation organization which would lead us Tamils is led by educated intellectuals who can use common sense in their judgment. We deserve an independent state but it has to come with struggle and dignity not on the blood of our own Tamils we killed for not agreeing with us. Its common day to day practice to kill one`s government opponents in countries like Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Cuba and North Korea. As human beings I would like to think we Tamils have evolved to be better than that. Lets NOT surrender our dignity to common thugs the next time some one wants to lead us Tamils into the promised land.