Jumbos kneeling before the Bell

  • 3 Jun 2008 18:00:34 GMT

    All politicians in Silly Lanka are traitors. So are a good percentage of the population. These traitors not only ruined the country and in doing so, about 70% of the population is kept behind time or simply backward. We have the seen the socialism of Bandaranayake family, the JVP and now we are seeing the Rajapassa Socialism. See what happened to our country since the so-called independence

  • 3 Jun 2008 23:52:46 GMT

    Why did Prabha of LTTE kill all patriotic UNP leaders like Premadasa ?

    Prabha never liked such leaders who were getting international assistance against him. SL People were able to travel freely to any part of the country including the North. Prabha and his faithful traitors, wanted to see that a weaker candidate should become the president. So they plotted to promote Rajapakse. It was well know among observers that Mangala, with or without the knowledge of Rajapakse, was involved in this plot with Prabha.

    Prabha made sure that the UNP would not receive even 100 votes from some polling stations in North and East. So Rajapakse won ! LTTE also won. Almost immediately, the political situation in the North and East changed. North became Prabha`s area and the East rebelled against Prabha. Isn`t that the reason for Karuna to fight against Prabha. Isn`t that the reason why the present govt., arranged Karuna to escape to UK under false Diplomatic documents ?

    If there is going to be true democratic govt. in SL, there should be an investigation to identify the real traitors of SL. Ranil cannot reach such a target. He should have resigned many years ago.

  • 4 Jun 2008 00:19:36 GMT

    If Mahinda is a example of a winer don`t need a comparison for a looser.

  • 4 Jun 2008 01:31:58 GMT

    Mahinda when Mahinda won the presidency...the UNP sponsered International Propagandists said Mahinda was a Racist War hawk who represents only the Sinhalese. But today, Mahinda Rajapaksa has won the Eastern Province.

    Under Rajapaksa Presidency, Mahinda has attracted massive Nos. Muslim and Tamil voter`s around the UPFA like never before.

  • 4 Jun 2008 03:37:14 GMT

    [Jumbos kneeling before the Bell]

    Bells being broken in two by beetle leaves.

    Trees growing on jumbos backs

    Bells smashing Crowns

    Crowns ringing Bells

    Crowns having feathers of beetle leaves

    Cockerels chewing beetle and roosting on jumbos backs

    Tigers being trained to chew beetle and spit on trees and jumbos

    Enjoy these sights, ONLY in Sri Lanka!

  • 7 Jun 2008 22:43:30 GMT

    Sri Lankan junior politicians are highly opportunistic and no values at all.

    That needs to be stopped.