UNP to protest against fuel price hike

  • 27 May 2008 12:32:39 GMT

    Where is the protest going to be held? M.E or in front of OPEC?

    All over the world oil price has gone up and these nuts are going to protest.LOLZ

  • 27 May 2008 12:37:42 GMT


    GonAliyage mole narak wela...... Gon wadamai koranne

  • 27 May 2008 12:44:08 GMT

    Ravi Karunanayaka is a businessmen and he very well know the reason why the price of fule went up. UNP is acting as if they don`t know what is happening in the world oil prices. UNP is just trying to make a situation so that the people will come to the streets.

  • 27 May 2008 13:41:10 GMT



    but, this is the only way they can fool our public too... suppose, UNP promise to public before next election that they will bring down fuel prices 50%, bring down CoL 50%, give Pan at LKR 20/-.....etc with some essense of nationalism & racism and war-favour stats.... defenetly our public will vote for UNP.....

    if the SLFP promised ... they will vote for them.....

    Ane Ammapa... I don`t know when our people will learn...

  • 27 May 2008 13:58:51 GMT

    Oil price is not controlled by the Sri Lanka government. It is decided by the OPEC based on the demand. Even the mighty USA has no choice but to increase the price of gas. If UNP wants to protest they should go to OPEC headquarters or meet the OPEC member ambassadors in Sri Lanka. UNP leadership is completely out of touch with the current oil price situation in the world or they may think the people in Sri Lanka are dummies. It is sad to see such a powerful political party in Sri Lanka is represented by these ignorant people.

  • 27 May 2008 15:42:27 GMT

    Unp is defeated in everything. it is useless & wastage of money & time. Instead give the fullest coopertion to govt. to crush terrorism & establish demorcracy in those provinces. patriot

  • 27 May 2008 16:58:13 GMT

    [GonAliyage mole narak wela]

    Is this an insult to the elephants or the UNP ?

  • 27 May 2008 18:42:51 GMT

    These UNP guys are nuts. They have no knowledge about what is going on the world. Fuel prices in Sri Lanka I guess is the cheapest in the world. Do theses guys know what is the price in US it is $4.00 and above in some provinces per leater. That means more than Rs.400 per leater.Rest of the world is no different.We have to thank for SL government giving fuel in a susidied prices.

    If Ranil and his henchmen has nothing to do go and join Praba and his sinking ship in Wanni.

  • 27 May 2008 20:52:00 GMT

    Better first stop unnecessary expenses of UNP MPs. If you think fuel oil proce is high you better first stop using givenment fuel quota which you get from peoples` money

  • 28 May 2008 06:17:35 GMT

    [UNP to protest against fuel price hike]

    Protesting against the Govt is of no use. Prices have gone up globally!