SB claims UNP would have won EPC polls had he led campaign

  • 14 May 2008 02:10:49 GMT

    [It should have been Ravi, Navin,]

    Hey Gee Choooo,

    Navin is now the Hon. Misiter of Foreign Investment in the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government, so he will not lead any campaign which supports Traitor Ranil. If you want Navin to support the UNP, Traitor Ranil will have to resign from UNP leadership.

    Further, Traitor Ranil called Navin a `Hotu Hutta` during the campaign. This statement angered lifelong UNP supporters in Ampara who have deep respect for Navin`s father, the late Gamini Dissanayake. This is one of the reasons the UNP(Traitor Ranil Faction) lost the Ampara District. The other reason UPFA won in Ampara is because of UNP Ampara Strongman P. Dayaratne`s support to Mahinda.

  • 14 May 2008 02:21:02 GMT

    Even after Mahinda Freed UNP`s National Organiser S.B Dissanayake from Jail, Idiotic Traitor Ranil never used S.B in the UNP Campaign.

    So, S.B might as well have been in Jail. Would`nt have made any difference.

    When Traitor Ranil/JRJ won in 1977, Mahinda was thrown in Jail on fabricated, false charges.

    But, When Mahinda became President 2005, Mahinda used Presidential Power`s to Release Traitor Ranil`s National Organiser from Jail....

    And the idiotic Traitor Ranil was crying for SLAF Helicopter`s without making use of SB for the Campaign. Traitor Ranil should have been inside his house and SB should have done the work.

  • 14 May 2008 02:33:35 GMT

    Yes,SB and 2 buffaloes would have done better ! Is this the type of leadership the country is looking for. People who remain in the sidelines and take pot shots at their leaders when the their party loses ?

    Yes of course this is what Mahinda and all the UNP jumpers want for the unp, it will result in the final decimation of the party.

    There are plenty of people fit to lead the UNP who have a UNP pedigree and are not jumpers !

  • 14 May 2008 02:42:37 GMT

    [There are plenty of people fit to lead the UNP who have a UNP pedigree and are not jumpers !]

    Traitor Ranil has a good UNP Kollupitya Pedigree. So just keep the Traitor as UNP leader and keep `renting` the Elephant symbol to Racist, Communalists like Hakeem.

    Next Step: Traitor Ranil will Loan the `Elephant` to JVP(Somawansa Faction)

  • 14 May 2008 03:13:45 GMT

    Must have repeated another Wayambe, by the former election machine of SLFP

  • 14 May 2008 03:22:01 GMT

    [There are plenty of people fit to lead the UNP who have a UNP pedigree and are not jumpers !]

    SB is one of the most corrupt politicians emerged during the CBK`s regime. For SB, getting the UNP leadership is the only way to become the leader of the country. He does not have any love for the party but he will use it for his advantage.

    Proponets who wants to have SB as the leader of the UNP are not well wishers of the party but are SLFP and JVPers who want to see the end of the largest political party in SL.

    Wait till 2011 and you will see Sajith Premadasa becoming the next leader of UNP. It is high time that people of SL seriously consider giving the leadership of the country to a relatively young person. Like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair (and next may be Barak Obama)

  • 14 May 2008 03:30:20 GMT

    SB another messy politician who ruined SLFP now planing under table tricks to over throw RW.

    UNP would have taken Ampara and Batti if they manged to hold

    Strong Area Leaders intact.

    RW who worked Karuna deal,failed to achieve any success but MR took advantage of mistakes by his opponents.

  • 14 May 2008 03:49:55 GMT

    [Wait till 2011 and you will see Sajith Premadasa becoming the next leader of UNP.]

    Wow! It`s wonderful to look forward to this. Sajith asked the Eastern people to vote for the UNP and said that Foreign Funds will be given directly to the Provincial Council Totally By-Passing the Central Govt if the UNP Wins. This is pretty much what Prabha also wants. Not even Traitor Ranil made such an idiotic statement.

    Sajith is a spoilt Brat. Spoilt By Premadasa`s Garment Mudalali`s. Sajith is not a Patch on Premadasa.

    Sajith is supporting SB`s rise in the UNP. Sajith and SB are both crooks and will feed each other. The wealth amassed by `the Premadasa`s` after the Premadasa`s went up the political ladder is on public display.

    Prime Govt. Land on Upper lake Road, Nuwara Eliya was Gifted on a 99year lease to Premadasa`s Son-in-law Rohan Jayakody for his private Business.

    Sajith`s Horton place house alone is worth quite a few million dollars...

    How can a Lavaria Seller turned Politician amass so much wealth from the monthly salary of a MP, Minister, PM, President???

    What about the Two floors of the Hilton Hotel that were Stolen By R. Parskaralingam (Premadasa`s cheif collector)

    What about all the money stolen by Peter Perera from the Insurance Coorporation. Peter Perera was another Collector of Premadasa who was chairman of Insurance Coorporation. Peter Perera had a Chair Made of 18karat Gold in his house especially for Premadasa to sit when he visited Peter Perera`s house.

    Yes!! Yes!! Premadasa`s Son Sajith is waiting for a second innings with the Children of Parskaralingam, Peter Perera, Nawaloka and all the Second Generation collector`s of the Premadasa Family.

  • 14 May 2008 04:05:19 GMT

    SB`s best chances are with the SLFP. After MR, in another 6 years at most, SLFP will have to have a new leader. By that time the UNP will have a lot of young Turks like Ravi and Sajith that SB will have to contend with.

    If he sticks with the UNP, the most he can do is to take pot shots at the leadership. It will be the country`s gain if he stays with the UNP.

  • 14 May 2008 04:13:11 GMT

    It`s fun to watch Traitor Ranil juggling between S.B, CBK, Ravi K, Mangala and Brothel Owner Somawansa......

    We in the SLFP and UNP(Karu Group) are having lot`s of fun watching this `Deshapalana Kunu Loriya`