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Foreign jobs and training for Sri Lankan doctors

Friday, 2 May 2008 - 4:40 PM SL Time

The Government Medical Officers` Association (GMOA) is to establish a `Foreign Placement Coordinating Centre` (FPCC) with the assistance of the Finance Ministry and the Presidential Secretariat for Sri Lankan medical officers to obtain employment and training in foreign countries, the GMOA said.

There are over 1000 Sri Lankan doctors and specialists working in foreign countries right now. Another 80 psychiatrists had gone abroad on scholarships and have not returned while there was a severe shortage of psychiatrists in Sri Lanka.

The FPCC would prepare a mechanism to bring these doctors back and to send a new batch of doctors as replacements for foreign training and employment which would also contribute to increase foreign income of the country, Dr. Gunasekara said.

The FPCC expects to carry out the programme in rotation replacing doctors in two-year period with new batches to give an opportunity to all doctors who were willing to participate in it, he added.

The first office of the FPCC would be opened tomorrow at the Colombo National Hospital at 8.30 a.m. he said.


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