Kudu Lal hurt in Dr. Mervyn in road mishap

  • 29 Apr 2008 23:44:34 GMT

    This guy may have gone to do kudu business to Aralaganvila. Why police can`t stop his vehicle and check?

  • 30 Apr 2008 00:00:46 GMT

    `Asewanacha Balanan Pandithanancha Sewana` you mean. These days it is hard to spot Balanan and Pandithas distinguished from each other. Majority is foreign funded Bala Pandithas of NGOs.

  • 30 Apr 2008 03:34:20 GMT

    Wish Mervin was killed...

  • 30 Apr 2008 03:38:47 GMT

    Im soo glad Mervin survived!! What will we do with out Sri Rohana DR Mervin Silva!!

    Mahinda Chintanayata Jayaweewa!!!! :) :)

  • 30 Apr 2008 03:47:13 GMT

    Asewanancha `Ballanan` we have to change the word because we should not mix Lord budhdha`s hallowed teaching with thugs.

    Why God let killed the other man when most hated two were in this vehicle.

    Let them suffer so long. Feel the pain others felt.

  • 30 Apr 2008 07:21:14 GMT

    Oh no.. another accident

    Kudu Lal, Mervyn.. we are talking about national heroes here

    wish they were dead by the way....


  • 30 Apr 2008 09:00:44 GMT

    You all are mislead by the propaganda carried out by the journalists.They think they rule the world but not always.As long as I live fight against the injustice.Because of the newspapers in Sri lanka against him many go with the trend to be popular.Most of the critics has not even seen, talked or knows his qualities but just go by the word by mouth.

    Dear Mervin macho, do not fear friend in need is a friend indeed!

  • 30 Apr 2008 10:33:10 GMT

    Some times life is not what we expect it to be,I have my deepest sympathy for Late Mr.Seevali Lalkantha & for the people of Sri Lanka for having a Disable thug like Dr.Mervin Silva for mockery.

  • 30 Apr 2008 12:09:01 GMT

    Kudu Lal hurt...

    Sri Lanka become a third class nation the politicians were hiding under the protection of thugs and drug addicts..

    Here are the Most powerful idi.ots in SL politics..

    Kudu Lal...Potta Nawfer....Kalu Malli...Kudu Raju...Mervin Silva..

    Because Sri Lanka is in the hands of idi.ots like this,we can change the name as `Kudu Lanka`````HHuuuuHhh

  • 30 Apr 2008 12:30:54 GMT

    Please do not spent tax payers money on those croocks PUT THEM TO SLEEP..