Price control: Is the govt. buckling under pressure?

  • 24 Apr 2008 17:11:08 GMT

    Although this is causing a lot of hard ship to the people - if this issue is handled properly in the long run this could be good for everyone.

    As India and china demand more and more of the worlds resources, everthing is going to go up in price. There is a lot of uncultivated land in the North East which can solve this problem. Price increase hurt everyone - SInhala, tamil muslim etc. If there is peace we wouldnt be facing these problems. But two racist murders - VP + MR keep this problem going to acheive their political ambitions.

    [Anyways... useless talking about things we cant change. SO i SINCERELY hope the govt IMMIDIATELY takes the advise of BRILLIANT problem solvers like Dr Aney Dee and Dr WeeraMONKEY - who have INSTANT SOLUTIONS to every problem (and freely dish it out on LNPs and political rallies). I list below some of the BRILLIANT INSTANT SOLUTIONS put forward by the two BRIILIANT thinkers... Aney D and WeeraMONKEY..]

    [Dr WeeraMONKEY :

    1. UNPLUG the economy fromt he rest of the world.

    2. If local prices change according to world market prices then NO need for a govt - So dissolve the govt.

    3. Make Dr WeeraMONKEY the finance minister.]

    [Dr Aney Dee :

    1. Price control.

    2. `IT is important to co-ordinate well.` (ON All issues i assume) -

    3. Many more of the suggestions which are FREELY available on LNP... :)]

    I personally suggest making Dr WeeraMONKEY Finance Minister and Dr Aneey Dee Deputy or every better : Dr Aneey Dee Finance Minister and Dr weeraMONKEY Deputy! :) :)

  • 25 Apr 2008 07:50:28 GMT

    [GOSL should have a comprehensive, long term and politician -independent policy]

    You have a good sense of humour!!