The rice crisis of Sri Lanka

  • 18 Apr 2008 12:01:28 GMT

    Why is the rice crisis.

    Firstly it is our main food and was cheaply available and grew all over Sri Lanka. Eating full plate of rice with simple curry will fill our tummy.Some villagers ate rice three times day.

    Excessive intake of rice and bread promote diabetic and pressure also foundation for many gastro-intestinal diseases.

    Solution is a find substitutes.Depending on where one lives that vary but easy to find.Next step is educating and also setting an example to the public.

  • 19 Apr 2008 21:53:09 GMT

    Even though is USA is not a major rice consumer, USA is a major rice - exporter (whether you believe it or not).

    For some time, International organizations like UN was wrecking the Asian Paddy production. for example, One time, One UN organization had asked Sri Lanka to cut down rice production and import rice from Vietnam (remember, Vietnam is now a capitalist country and getting all the support from USA).

    There is a discussion in newspapers that the ASIAN - RICE CRISIS or the Global RICE CRISIS as they want to call it is created by FINANCIAL SECOTR - COMMODITY TRADERS. It also may be true, that for some time international organizations such as FAO, UN etc., were screwing up Paddy cultivation in Asia for the advantage of USA (remember after the break down of USSR - USA cold war CHRISTIAN - ISLAM cold war and the INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE were at the forefront).

    I think, big US businesses may had had a role in creating the rice crisis thinking they can boost the rice production. BUt, I hear they have reached the maximum production and they can not do more.

    THINK IF the big American business can manipulate and exploit the rice production. Because it is consumed by billions of Asians. that is good money.

    Anyway, SRI LANKA DID NOT HAVE ANY STANDARDS OR POLICIES FOR SRI LANKA. For example, even though cost of production went high (it went high because of high pesticide and fertilizer use. That is again helping the developed countries)we should been self -sufficient in our staple food.

    Any western countries did not try to export their wheat production though the wheat production in their countries became expensive.

    Sri Lankan rice Crisis is mostly to be blamed on govts. what the the Present Agricultural MINISTERS DO ?

    Sri Lanka, should think about automating (semi -mechanized) cultural practices such as trans-planting and weeding of transplanted fields, we need to go back, at least, for a certain percentage of acerage to old varieties which does not need pesticides and fertilizer.

    As Our TEA and RUBBER are major foreign exchange earning -crops, we should have the same status for rice too. Because it is our staple food.

    At one point, Coconut was one of our major crops. thanks to stupid and corrupt politicians, the lack of policies by the govt, policies which are changed every 04 years, all the coconut lands are nor real estate.

    Lands that are lost for use because of war lack of labour and many other excuses are just lame excuses.

  • 20 Apr 2008 01:07:40 GMT

    [Rice shortage bites

    Sydney Morning Herald

    April 7, 2008 - 8:54AM

    -From Cairo to New Delhi to Shanghai, the run on rice is threatening to

    disrupt worldwide food supplies as much as the scarcity of confidence on

    Wall Street earlier this year roiled credit markets.

    China, Egypt, Vietnam and India, representing more than a third of global

    rice exports, curbed sales this year, and Indonesia says it may do the same.

    Investigators in the Philippines, the world`s biggest importer, raided

    warehouses last month to crack down on hoarding. The World Bank in

    Washington says 33 nations from Mexico to Yemen may face ``social unrest``

    after food and energy costs increased for six straight years.

    Rice, the staple food for half the world, rose to a record $US20.50 per 100

    pounds in Chicago on April 4, double the price a year ago and a fivefold

    increase from 2001. It may reach $US22 by November, said Dennis DeLaughter,

    owner of Progressive Farm Marketing in Edna, Texas.

    ``Rice will gain substantially over the next two years,`` said Roland

    Jansen, chief executive officer of Pfaffikon, Switzerland-based Mother Earth

    Investments, which holds 4% of its $US100 million funds in the grain.

    Governments will likely maintain curbs on exports ``because those countries

    want to be able to continue to feed their own populations,`` he said.

    The upheaval parallels turmoil in global capital markets that seized up nine

    months ago when subprime mortgages collapsed. The difference between what it

    costs the US government to borrow and the rate banks charge each other for

    three month loans ended last week at 1.36 percentage points. A year ago the

    gap was 0.33 percentage point.

    Export Curbs

    Rice growing nations are driving up prices for producers that want to sell

    abroad. The Vietnam Food Association said April 2 it asked members to stop

    signing export contracts through June, following China, which imposed a 5%

    tax on exports as of January 1. Egypt banned rice shipments through October.

    Prices ``are not coming back to the levels we came from,`` said Mamadou

    Ciss, head of Singapore-based rice broker Hermes Investments. Vietnam`s 5%

    broken-grain rice may be 40% higher within three months, he said.

    Record grain prices are stoking inflation. Wholesale costs in India rose 7%

    in the week ended March 22, the fastest pace in more than three years,

    underscoring the threat from rising food costs, the Ministry of Commerce and

    Industry in New Delhi said April 4.

    The increase may boost profits for suppliers. Padiberas Nasional rose the

    most in seven years in Kuala Lumpur stock exchange trading last week. The

    company is Malaysia`s only licensed rice supplier.

    Commodity Rally


  • 20 Apr 2008 06:01:36 GMT

    WHile the country is on the verge of Starvation - the RajaPASSA PLUNDERING machine is still going on.

    Free meals to political boot lickers, One PLUNDERING Crook steps down only for his PLUNDERING brother to take over the other airline so to Run it a ground!!


    [SriLankan and Mihin: No urge to merge says Vaas

    Just weeks after the government took over SriLankan Airlines, SriLankan Catering provided thousands of free meals to mourners at Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle s wake, authoritative sources said.

    Fernandopulle was once a Minister of Civil Aviation in Chandrika Kumaratunga s Government and had strongly opposed the Emirates deal. Sri-Lankan staff appreciated the stance taken by Minister Fernandopulle at the time and felt that they should provide these meals, these sources said. It isn t that SriLankan Catering is going to provide meals on every such occasion...

    These sources revealed that more than 2,500 meals had been provided, with SriLankan Catering footing the bill.

    Meanwhile, Mihin Air CEO Sajin de Vaas Gunewardena confirmed yesterday that he had stepped down from the post. I had always said I would handle this post for one year and it will be one year on April 24, he told LAKBIMAnEWS. Besides, my brother Manoj Gunawar-dena is taking over as CEO of SriLankan and I didn t think I should be handling day-to-day affairs at Mihin.

    Asked whether there would be an amalgamation of Mihin and Sri-Lankan, he replied: There will be no amalgamation. They will be run as separate entities but there will be joint commercial ventures.

    It is learnt that Sajin will continue to be a director at Mihin exercising similar powers to those he had earlier held. Mihin staff were advised to report to work last week for a group photograph with Sajin who had informed them of the new development.


  • 20 Apr 2008 07:25:51 GMT

    Many will leave soon Mihin as it is heading bankruptcy.Not for the love of country.

    Regarding : Rice crisis

    I can give many examples of sophisticated DNA technology with formulas how to improve the harvest.Our Moral duty in here are not to show our intelligences and educational background but to show the way out!

  • 20 Apr 2008 17:11:22 GMT

    Is Mihin still flying ? Their Bangkok office seems to no longer respond.

    Rice will be a big problem in the future and even the wealthy Thai society is suffering heavily from increasing prices, what is a trend that will continue and poor countries with high losses like SL will suffer the most.

    Thailand is earning money whilst SL is depending upon donations to balance the budget.

    Rice, petrol, electricity, water etc. are on their way to become luxury items.