President claims not a single word of the Mahinda Chintana has been changed

  • 4 Apr 2008 07:06:40 GMT

    He must be thinking that everybody comes from beliatta..

    Senior Rupavahini producer flees country to save life

    Fearing for the safety of his life, Waruna Lelwala, a Senior Programme Producer at state-owned Rupavahini Corporation has fled the country, reports said.

    Mr. Lelwala, one of the 21 SLRC employees blacklisted by the Criminal Investigation Department for investigation after the infamous Minister Mervyn Silva episode, left the country in the early hours of yesterday (Apr. 02nd).

    Fears for life intensified after an unidentified group attempted to gain entry to the mediaman s house on two difference occasions in recent days, a spokesman for the SLRC trade unions alliance told Lanka Dissent.

    The senior Programme Producer had been serving at Rupavahini since 1991.

    Threats to his life was just one instance of assault, intimidation and harassment of SLRC staff after Mr. Mervyn Silva stormed the corporation and assaulted its News Director in late December.

    Three Rupavahini employees narrowly escaped grievous harm to their lives from attacks by groups of thugs, while attempts to intimidate two others failed

  • 4 Apr 2008 08:07:00 GMT

    [President claims not a single word of the Mahinda Chintana has been changed]

    100% True.


    has MR done work according to those words in the Mahinda Chintanaya?

    The `change` is not in the words of the Mahinda Chintanaya BUT in the way it is being followed and implemented.

    MR should practice what he preaches!

  • 4 Apr 2008 15:11:10 GMT

    Mahinda tells veda?? ` not a word in Mahinda Chinthana Changed`

    latter when veda asked what is mahinda Chintana. he said mahinda told me no change is mahinda chintana. he cannot read or write.

  • 4 Apr 2008 15:27:08 GMT

    [ Mihin Lanka Airlines was launched to restore the lost heritage of the people.]

    My favorite Quote!! I guess now that Mihin Air (and the EFP + ETF of poor workers) has been PLUNDERED to the Bone by the rajaPASSA family & their cronies - we have ALL REGAINDED OUR LOST Heritage!!

    Sri Rohana PUNNAKKU Rajata JAYAWEEWA!!!! :) :)

  • 4 Apr 2008 17:04:32 GMT

    We don`t want any Mahinda or Monkey Chintana.

    All these are rubbishs for this island.

    We may accept Mr.VP`s chintana very useful for the peace in sri lanka.

    But Mahinda`s is rotten and worthless.