Let Easterners have equal opportunity

  • 4 Apr 2008 22:48:19 GMT

    [The TNA et al are strangely silent over racism of the TULF, which adopted the now infamous Vadukkodai Resolution (1976) at a meeting where it vowed to skin the Sinhalese alive and make shoes from their skins. ]

    The pictures in Gaja`s LNP space are from Vaddukodai/Thunaivi area. These pictures confirm the reality for majority Tamils - that even in this day and age, our children do not have the benefit of democracy and hence they use the floor instead of desks and chairs and they use small leaves instead of paper plates.

    It does not matter which side - if they do not have a structured system through which to bring out equal opportunity environments - they need to let Truth flow - and become the instruments of Natural Justice. Otherwise with time they will reap the consequences of their own actions - good or bad. Whatever we do for ourselves comes with us.

    Jaffna / Vaddukodai carries strong investment in higher education. That Truth naturally overrode the hasty political words and actions of TULF. I believe that Jaffna as well as Vaddukodai will emerge with new dignity to become the educational capitals of Sri Lanka.

    It is no coincidence that Vaddukodai with its Malaysian pensioners became the birthplace of this war that helped Tamils take their excess investment in democracy to other countries. That is how power is intuitively shared - it was as if the old pensioners were foretelling through those politicians. Truth happened.

    In terms of LTTE - like with every other group and every individual - they have their own inner justice system. So long as they do what they do with faith and in the consciousness of the Tamils they claim to represent - they will be protected by Natural Justice and its messengers. Likewise, if they cheat the people in whose name they fight - they will be punished by Natural Justice.

    The fact that Tigers have such strong support amongst Tamils means that there was a genuine cause - which was not visible to many of us who had other options - including international living through our higher education. Tamil Tigers would have made excellent soldiers in the Sri Lankan army and yet they did not have that place. Truth spoke because the Sinhalese government was enjoying benefits far beyond their earnings.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil

  • 4 Apr 2008 22:54:32 GMT

    [ It wants a Muslim as the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province, where the Muslims constitute only about one third of the population]

    There is nothing wrong with that if Muslims make up for lack of majority through greater intellectual power. That applies more to Tamils due to their greater investment in education compared to any other race in Sri Lanka.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil

  • 4 Apr 2008 23:18:22 GMT

    [The best way out is to appoint the Chief Minister and the Governor on a rotational basis from different communities for about one and a half years at a time so that every ethnic group will have an equal opportunity. ]

    In other words, the author also recognizes and confirms the divisions on the basis of race. It is therefore inappropriate that the author criticises others who have used natural racial divisions. Where race is a natural factor to separate - as gender is - it would help a genuine user stick to the strengths of his/her side and not try to deliver on behalf of the whole. It is the difference between specialisation and general practice. If racial differentiation is wrong then so is specialisation.

    In areas where we have not invested much in democracy and this does include many parts of Batticaloa - including Mankerni, Vaharai and Kathiraveli where some of the fierce battles in this ethnic war were fought - natural divisions must be accepted and valued towards diversity. The two must not be forced to live together.

    Fair and Just elections in Sri Lanka`s east would be fought and won on racial grounds. Given that majority are Tamils - any other group representing Batticaloa would be undemocratic even if that were through the votes or by absence of voters. Democracy works only when we vote on the basis of natural identification - i.e. through intuitive connection as community, family, institution.

    In a just democracy, the winning group would appoint its Chief.

    Ministers are common to all people and the one that is driven by `issues` that are particular to Batticaloa is the most deserving person. If this cannot be achieved through the political path - there are other ways - including through administration and business. Batticaloa Muslims do have the strength of business. But, they lack the numbers to lead government through natural identification. This was also the problem of Jaffna Tamils - who had the higher administrative skills but did not have the numbers that come from natural identification by majority. If Sri Lanka had been truly a common state - we would have not limited ourselves to various georgraphic parts of the country and denied ourselves the benefit of multicultural diversity.

    We act through (1) Intuitive Truth (hence voting) (2) Logical derivation based on common principles and values (hence public administration) & (3) through immediate physical observation (business).

    Successful election is based on our ability to use (1)

    Successful admin depends on our ability to override (1) and think on behalf of the whole

    Successful business and lateral expansion is driven by our ability to observe without thinking and use the observation to benefit us by not thinking of others at all.

    It is body, mind and soul - in reverse order.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil

  • 5 Apr 2008 03:26:10 GMT

    [ We hope communal politics won t ruin racial amity in the East. In that province which is home to all ethnic communities, we believe no one should have a monopoly over the Chief Minister s post. The best way out is to appoint the Chief Minister and the Governor on a rotational basis from different communities for about one and a half years at a time so that every ethnic group will have an equal opportunity.


    This is what I agree.

    Let people accuse JHU and JVP as ultra-nationalists. they should ask the GOSL to give terms to CHIEF Ministers from all three communities.