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Miracle in Thiruvannamalai Siva Temple in Tamil Nadu, a flying Siddhar (Sage) was caught in Cell Phone video camera.

Sunday, 24 February 2008 - 4:08 AM SL Time

Miracle in Thiruvannamalai Siva Temple in Tamil Nadu. The Temple employee caught the Flying Siddhar in his Cell Phone Video. The Lord Buddha might have flew to Sri Lanka like this, The Lord Buddha might have flew to Sri Lanka like this, but he left Sri Lanka every time, because he couldn`t stand the Sinhala Buddhists. :)

The Buddha didn`t discriminate, he visited both North and South. According to Manimelakai, the ancient Tamil epic and Buddhist literature, the Tamil Buddhist Bhikuni Manimekalai visited with Buddha to the Nagadeepa or Manipallavam

The Famous ancient Siva Temple of Thiruvannamlai is known for Sages, Siddhars and Saints. Ramana Maharishi had also meditated here for years in the underground of this Temple.

Please see the VIDEO Links:

Tiuvannamalai, where people come to walk reverentially around a holy place such as Arunachala . The mountain is said to be Shiva , and sign of his manifestation . The sacred story goes that A subtle light ,a pillar that stretches into infinity reaches from this place and aligns with the constellation of the Paladies (karthik) in December ,which will be directly above it when throngs of people (up to 2.5 million ) will gather to light a flame large proportion to blaze for ten to thirteen days during which there is celebrations of processions dancing and singing . To walk around the mountain is said to be wish fullfilling and granting ones desire to be liberated Eternally.

A place of Tapas, called Ganapati Muni had visited many sacred places in India, and had learned to repeat mantras and to perform tapas (asceticism). He was not satisfied, and so he asked Ramana what tapas was. Ramana replied that if one observes the source where the notion `I` arises, and the source where the mantra is produced, and if the mind is absorbed into that source, that is tapas) it can be a catalyst for burning up latent tendencies that may arise.

To sit on the mountain is good , it is a quiet and solitary place to spend some peaceful solitute before returning to the town and traffic which winds it`s way around the mountain . Skandashram which is a 45 minute walk up steps to a cave where Ramana Maharshi sat for a number of years . Here it is like a shade of oasis and silence , and definitely a place conducive for meditation . It much easier to slip into deep states of absorption in these places , if one can rest then the rest can be profoundly deep . Below it is another cave said to have been inhabited by the Sage Virupaksha whose remains are there within the lingam made by Ramana himself . A place that is potent with silence it is also a sauna to sit in and sweat.

In the town itself is the main temple of Arunachalaeshwara and is where the Fire lingam is presented to devotees . Tiruvannamalai has the lingam for the fire element , and so you see why it can be experienced as a place where latent tendencies can be burnt!The other places of the remaining elements are : Kalahasti - Vayu or Wind element said to be the father of Hanuman , Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu - Earth lingam said to be the place where Bodhidharma came from.

Jaya TV &

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LK Information  23 Feb 2008 22:18:28 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Nice article Thivya ! :-))

Ancient Sages could have levitated..

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LK Information  24 Feb 2008 00:05:22 GMT  Report for Abuse  

This is just a bad joke someone is playing on gullible people! :P
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LK Information  24 Feb 2008 00:46:27 GMT  Report for Abuse  
In the old days there was this dude called 'sekilar' who was supposed to be flying around. nowadys we would look up and say ah look air canada, united etc. those days folks would look up and say 'look sekilar!!
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LK Information  24 Feb 2008 02:33:27 GMT  Report for Abuse  
This is true!!
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LK Information  24 Feb 2008 09:52:33 GMT  Report for Abuse  

Why is the sage hiding from people?
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LK Information  24 Feb 2008 12:59:54 GMT  Report for Abuse  
The video is strange.. Very bad quality..

But what is sure and true Siddhars and Yogis can do mental miracles !
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LK Information  24 Feb 2008 13:43:40 GMT  Report for Abuse  
The Lord Buddha might have flew to Sri Lanka like this, but he left Sri Lanka every time, because he couldn't stand the Sinhala Buddhists.

The above statement is just NONSENSE because the Lord Buddha's three magical trips to Sri Lanka were only a myth created by the Mahavamsa author Ven. Mahanama thero and there were NO Sinhala Buddhists during that period.

There is a clear record of all the main events of Buddha, the places he visited, with whom he was, where and what he preached and to whom he preached, in the Buddhist scriptures Tripitika (Viniya, Sutta, Abhidhamma) which is followed by the Theravada Buddhists around the world where as in Sri Lanka the Mahavamsa which was written by a Buddhist monk more than 1000 years after the passing away of Lord Buddha is also considered as a part of the Buddhist scriptures although it deals mostly with mythical or supernatural Buddhist history.

In the Mahavamsa, Ven. Mahanama has added his own imaginations and myths. He has introduced many events concerning Buddha which never took place, things that Buddha has never said or done.

For example, according to the Mahavamsa,

Buddha made three magical trips to Sri Lanka, each time colonizing another area of the island, in preparation for the formal introduction of Buddhism two centuries after his death. One of these trips was to settle a dispute between the Yakkhas and Nagas at Naga Divipa (Ninathivu) where the Buddha tamed the Yakkhas -- the non-human inhabitants of the island.

There is no evidence what so ever to support this claim other than the three chaithiyas built in the recent past by the Sinhalese Buddhists at 3 different locations to say, this is where Buddha came. Even the footprint of Buddha at Sri Pada (Adam's peak) is only a myth.

The Mahavamsa also says,

Just before passing away, Buddha has called the Sakkara (King of Gods) and told him,
My doctrine, O Sakka, will eventually be established in the Island of Lanka, and on this day, Vijay the eldest son of Singha Bahu king of Sinhapura in the Lata country lands there with 700 followers and will assume sovereignty there. Do thou, therefore guard well the prince and his train and the Island of Lanka.

On receiving the blessed one s command, Sakka summoned God Vishnu and said,
Do thou. O lotus-hued one, protect with zeal prince Vijay and his followers and the doctrine that is to endure in Lanka for a full five thousand years .

It should be noted that in Buddhist scriptures Buddha has never mentioned about any Hindu Gods, he only talks about Devas and Bramahas.

The Mahawamsa also says that Vijaya and his men landed on the shores of Lanka at the very minute the Buddha was passing away into Nibbana on the Vesak full moon day.
What a coincidence it was.

The same Mahavamsa also says that Vijaya was a product of bestiality (half animal) and they (he and his 700 men) were criminals who were exiled from their land.

Can anybody believe that Buddha the enlightened one will ever choose a group of criminals/thugs and their leader who comes from a half beast to protect his doctrine?

Here, Ven. Mahanama has created an imaginary link between the three elements, Country-Race-Religion and made it into one, whereby Sri Lanka (Dhamma Deepa), Buddha's chosen people (Sinhalese), and Buddhism (Buddha Sasana) should be protected for 5000 years. This is known as the Jathika chintanaya or the Mahavamsa mindset and one of its outcomes is the unitary state. Therefore, for the next 2500 years a Sinhala Buddhist will never allow a federal state in Sri Lanka.

Edited By - CholaPandyan - 24 Feb 2008 13:46:34 G
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LK Information  25 Feb 2008 23:30:30 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Can anybody believe that Buddha the enlightened one will ever choose a group of criminals/thugs and their leader who comes from a half beast to protect his doctrine?

Vijaya was not Buddhist. This part of Sinhala Buddhism is still misunderstood. Sinhala Buddhism born when Thero Mahinda converted masses in Sri Lanka and South India (i should rather say South India and Sri Lanka , for the chronology of the events) and both Tamils and Sinhalas were converted.

Siddharta became non-violent, for the rest of his life, on a particular day. This day he realized , killing a bird with an arrow (Siddharta the prince training his arch), that he did something not good, immoral. He realized that he volontary took the life of a being life, a bird. From this moment began his philosophy, and his new life as a sage, an enlightenend man. This story is the symbol of Buddism.

So to answer your question, can a killer be a Buddhist ?
My answer is simply NO. Buddha was not a fake, he was not a man with violence and hatred in his mind. He was the exact opposite. A Buddhist must adhere to his philosophy about Love and Non-violence to claim to be Buddhist, one cant just say I'm Buddhist and preaching hatred and being violent.

Because this religion is all about ACTION, not TALK.
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LK Information  26 Feb 2008 13:32:05 GMT  Report for Abuse  

There is a Sinhala saying that when a person was asked where are you going, his reply was, there are coconuts in my bag.

Why I am writing to you is because you have taken one of my statements above and have responded with something which is totally out of context and has no relevance what so ever to what I have written.

If you did not understand the language (English) or misunderstood what I have written, then it is OK.

So to answer your question, can a killer be a Buddhist?

I never asked any such question and even if I did, I would prefer an answer from someone who knows at least something about Buddhism.

Buddy, please do not misunderstand me or take anything personally but my advice to you is, you need to do a lot of home work before commenting on something which you do not know. Please do not underestimate your opponents, because with this kind of logic, they can easily put you down and make you look a fool.
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LK Information  1 Mar 2008 13:19:12 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Too good to be truth again

These siddhar a$$es have been fitted with rocket engines

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