Those whom God wishes to destroy...

  • 14 Feb 2008 20:16:12 GMT

    No one is suppose to die. Whether it be soldiers or genral public.Everyone has a right to live a peacful life. but using every tradgedy for political & military purpose is depplorable.Both GOSl & LTTE are very good at it.

    See the news today. Manar Priest has clearly told that they never requested the soldiers to do a shramadana. Mis information at its heights. At this heighted state of security it is a joke even to report that public will be allowed to go to this church given its close proximity to the SLA camp.

    This author has come to the conclusion that T Mahesvaran was assasinated by LTTE.Who gave him that information. check BBC sandeshaya archives to see what Keheliya Rambukvella told the Midea. Contradictory reporting is the norm of this government. by the way ehat happened to the culprit aprehended in the Maheshvaran shooting?

  • 14 Feb 2008 20:19:20 GMT

    [Rayappu unable to comment]

    Cos Rayappu must have ask LTTE goons to attack the Church.

  • 14 Feb 2008 20:42:30 GMT

    [The Tigers are, we repeat, no respecters of religions. ]

    The Tigers as a group have expressly kept religion out. VP is reported to have said that religion was often the source of conflict in many parts of the world. If therefore anyone expected the Tigers to be more respectful of religion than other sacred places - then that is their problem.

    Those very same people need to ask themselves what they did when the government troops desecrated many Hindu places of worship. The government is more answerable at the global level than the Tigers.

    Tamil is the religion of Tigers. If they disrepect any place where Tamil is worshipped then they disrespect themselves. Thus far I do not know of any such attack

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil

  • 14 Feb 2008 20:47:18 GMT

    [Gaja -Tamil is the relegion of Tigers]

    See what has happened to Tamils now cos of Tigers.

  • 14 Feb 2008 20:49:55 GMT

    [Australuian Tamil]

    what happened to EELEM.

  • 14 Feb 2008 20:56:31 GMT

    [`Let the children come to me, do not hinder them for to such belongs the kingdom of God,` said Jesus. The opposite of that is true of Prabhakaran s ghoulish thinking. Of children, he says, `Abduct and bring them to me for to such belongs fire and brimstone.` ]

    Muruga - fought against Sooran - the demon - is worshipped as a Child-Warrior. Krishna said that a soldier must fight. Arjuna`s son Ahbimanue was a child when he went into the battle-field. Ahbimanue died a soldier in battle - because the adult enemies on the other side cheated and failed to follow the rules of war.

    One who criticizes there children being trained to fight - needs to first ask themselves how it got to the stage that these children did not have better alternatives? - as children of majority race do. These Tamil symbolize the government`s failures to return the investment Tamils made in education. Majority join up on their own. The root cause must be addressed. It would be by a genuine seeker of just society.

    I invite the mangement of this forum to consider investing in the projects that we are managing in North & East - to encourage children to invest in education. Towards this we are rewarding an A.Level graduate who obtained 3A`s. There is no running water or electricity in this student`s home. We have been keeping that community away from war - sometimes at a threat to our own safety.

    Does the editor want to DO something and participate in that project ? We have undertaken to fund the University education of this student. These are our REAL efforts to keep people away from war. It`s working. I use my Australian status towards motivating these disenfranchised groups.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - CEO - Australian Tamil Management Service.

  • 14 Feb 2008 20:58:11 GMT


    [what happened to EELEM. ]

    You are behind times.


  • 14 Feb 2008 20:59:34 GMT

    Dear Editor please shed some light on the case -:)

    [On 6 January 1985 Father Mary Bastian along with 10 others were shot allegedly by the Sri Lankan Army personnel, point blank range in-front of the local St. Anne s church]

  • 14 Feb 2008 21:56:24 GMT

    [U are behind times]

    I am sorry I can remember that became a dream only.

    Ha ha now stick Australian Tamil label till they kick You out to Tamil Nadu.

  • 14 Feb 2008 22:02:33 GMT

    [Tamil is the religion of Tigers]

    So they have no relegion and attacked Holy catholc church just like barbarians without having any respect for Catholics.