More foot dragging

  • 10 Feb 2008 23:27:19 GMT

    The conflict of interest between International & Domestic, between Objective and Subjective, between Individual and Group powers is common to CC and to SriLankan Airlines which has advertised for a CEO. I have applied for the position but am yet to receive even an acknowledgement. This indicates to me the stage at which staff are at SriLankan. Collectively, the likes of Peter Hill (immediate past CEO) add international power. But would that last - unless the staff are able to naturally follow their CEO. If the institution is Objectively driven most of the time - then it would be good to have a `different` looking CEO with international values. Otherwise SriLankans would become obedient servants of foreigners who seem powerful.

    The CC needs to have invested in Democratic Values if it is to have International status. Unlike India, Sri Lanka is a small country and needs intellectual power to really feel equal to other larger countries with money power. Sri Lanka needs to become a democratic power - a truly democratic power - with least subjective power being used. I will know from the outcomes of my application to SriLankan Airlines as to how we are proceeding as a country. Even if I do not get the job - I have made a strong contribution to the quality of the successful candidate which would be positively used by a genuine seeker. For example

    [I believe that the CEO of SriLankan Airlines needs to have :

    Commitment to ownership development as a priority so all other group associations take lower priority

    Wisdom in International Standards of Management

    Ability to enhance limited resources through expanded thinking

    Ability to attract new resources both money as well as people

    Courage to lead SriLankan through inner Justice system and merge Internationally through

    Democratic work practices so that SriLankan would be a global leader in democratic work-practices and would lead Sri Lanka to Peace.

    Maturity to draw balance between profit and ownership

    To actively develop Common Values and make them the basis of tomorrow s policies.

    Be a facilitator to owners and an administrator to those who expect calculated returns

    The confidence to generally manage independently and have the courage and skills to report effectively to all investors including staff, customers, economic investors and the public.

    Be the model self governing organization of the nation.

    I do sincerely believe that under current circumstances, the CEO of SriLankan Airlines needs to be someone who feels SriLankan. There is always the competition between Objective Commercial powers and Subjective Human influence the difference between showing and being . Sri Lanka is largely in Subjective mode, due to its rich human power compared to the money power of the west. The ability to motivate people helps expand limited money resources. My outstanding career record stands testimony to this value that with ownership we need to show less and just be there to facilitate all investors.]

    SriLankan is a sample of the Country`s modernisation.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Democratic Tamil

  • 12 Feb 2008 01:17:36 GMT


    If I were the president I appoint you as the Auditor

    General in Sri Lanka.Although my specialty is in different area I still can feel the quality in wisdom within you.

    Democratic Sinhalese

  • 12 Feb 2008 02:43:35 GMT


    [If I were the president I appoint you as the Auditor]

    Then to me YOU are the real President of Sri Lanka for this matter. You have that status with me for this matter. The rest is to `show` others. Having recognized value beyond ehtnic boundaries - you have already firmed up the foundation for merit based management in Sri Lanka. Someone somewhere will `show` this value at the appropriate time. It`s what we feel that really adds value to the core. The rest is for material purposes.

    I wrote to share because I have realised this Truth and I know that my sharing adds real value.

    May God Bless you and your loved ones. You have made me happy.