Sole survivor of T mannar attack reveals Indian trawlers involvement

  • 7 Feb 2008 12:41:19 GMT

    Survivor going to be a worrier to all parties concerned.

    GOSL and India should stop cross border terror.

    India will be the sole looser in long run.

  • 7 Feb 2008 13:07:37 GMT

    Gurilla warfare is all about `tactics`.

    A gurilla outfit can never face a conventional army in a conventional war due to lack of resources and lack of personnel.

    The LTTE however transformed themselves from a gurilla outfit to more or less of a conventional army and faced our Forces in many face to face conventional battles and even won.

    Now with their arsenal supposedly depleted and cadre reduced to `3000` (may be even less now) the LTTE obviously would go back to their hit and run `tactic`. This boat incident is just one such incident.

    No conventional army in the world has been able to counter the `tactics` of gurilla war and win against a gurilla outfit. The same holds true to our Forces too!

  • 7 Feb 2008 16:06:43 GMT

    Hey ajan How can navy attack a boat when it engaged hiding among other fishing boats?This is the tactic they used all the times.Hiding next to civilian settlements they fired to attack aircraft forcing pilots to attack and then filmed innocent dying without even bother supporting them.You Jaffna people sent Batticlow Tamils as a bait to fight wars.Either you Jaffana ones immigrated to other countries or just be the commanders and be with Tiger leaders while Batticlow Tamils died in fighting SL army.Nice way of fighting for the Elam!!Not only that.LTTE wiped out all moderate and very well educated leaders because they did not want to be cheated by LTTE.

    And faceless cowards attack innocent people by bombing trains,busses,buildings and also passenger planes.The educated Tamils always abhorred the tactics of LTTE by saying they never wanted to be under unseducated ruthless killers.

    You always critisize majority Singhales and the Government.But forgot about the fact that the majiority are the people who pay taxes and produce things for the country and thanks to that you people get free education and free medcine.Now it is difficult in war torn areas but before you enjoyed it.In Tamilnadu you dont get it.Not only that.If you dont speak Hindi you cant get a Indian government job even in Tamilnadu as it Hindi is the only national language in India.

  • 7 Feb 2008 19:01:49 GMT

    [Hey ajan How can navy attack a boat when it engaged hiding among other fishing boats?]

    LoL. The navy has attacked Indian fishing trawlers so many times even when the fishermen were unarmed. You really think they didn`t attack because there were fishermen present?

    The navy has specifically and intentionally targeted civilians so many times in the past. It`s obvious this story is just B.S!

  • 7 Feb 2008 21:17:18 GMT


    Navy attacked Navy.

    Fisherman are Armed.

  • 7 Feb 2008 23:47:18 GMT

    I guess Ajan was there at Westminster Methodist Central hall photo exibition on Independance Day. An event Nicely designed in order to introduce hatred to the next generation Tamil kids in UK.

    Others may not believe, but LTTE recruits people for the purpose of propagation of their propaganda. When they identify suitably `talented` individual, organisation can arrange a `position` for him/her in one of `Tamil community centre`, `Refugee help centre`, `legal advice office` etc where they get paid by host country government, local council. or by a charity organisation.

    Position is secure as long as you are successful twisting the truth, ruthless in lying and creative enough in writing. (and shameless in Ajan`s case). That`s why number of hits, number of posts matters to them. As these are not permanent jobs, when the organisation is not happy, you have to leave. And find a real job or scam credit cards.

    LTTE regards this WWW Brigade as an essential part of their fund raising machinery, as normal Tamils, regardless of how frustrated they are, would not do out right lying for the sole purpose of spreading hatred and racism.

  • 8 Feb 2008 03:30:43 GMT

    [Gurilla warfare is all about `tactics`. ]

    We had heard about `Guerilla warfare`.

    1st time I am hearing about a `Gurilla warfare`.

  • 8 Feb 2008 03:41:45 GMT

    Ajan Worrier,

    Play back LTTE Trying there survival game.

    LTTE wants SLN to attack or a skirmish to bring India into the scene,SLDF much learned from past.

    Remember Nedumaran tried this in the past.

    What the hell 200/400 so called fisherman doing in Lankan waters,LTTE paying TN boatman there bread, for all cross border smuggling.

    Indian Authorities are worried to see TN getting involved with LTTE,Big Brother have to take serious action to cover the face,in front IC.

    SLN has done there part with lots of data through,diplomatic channels.

    Failed mission for LTTE.

  • 8 Feb 2008 12:54:58 GMT

    IGP Victor Perera who was the police, judge and jury in the MP Maheswaran assassination case got another job as the spin doctor of the SL Navy.

    [That was exactly what the LTTE wanted us to do, a Navy spokesman said, asserting that even an accidental attack on Indian trawlers would have had serious repercussions.


  • 8 Feb 2008 15:43:19 GMT


    Hey ajan How can navy attack a boat when it engaged hiding among other fishing boats?

    absolutely they cant. so they just waited until the boat fire point blank range 4 RPGs.

    lets create the scene again.

    1, a boat signaliing it need help forget why it called navy where there are 40 trawlers in the visinity.

    2, Navy went too close and someone fired point blank range.

    3, what a story

    4- navy didnt fired back because it didnt want to hurt other fishing boats in the visinity.


    Ajan Comment ,

    I come fom fishing community and i know too well , maybe you dont know that well.

    i had once gone with my cousin in a trawler to see fishing oneday ,SL navy had stoped us. they were cautious two guys was standing by the guns and others all come to the top and circled the trawler before they come any closer. it was well before the war got intensified.

    and are you saying they just come too close to get fired?

    second fishing trawlers dont go in group you have fishing net follows hundred or so meter.

    third they dont all fish in same area as there wont be any fish to catch.

    so if there is a fishing trawlers in the visinity no need for them to call Srilankan navy.

    srilankan navy wouldnt have gone near them.

    likelyhood is that now ,( if you read in my post i have stated months ago indian fisherman wants to arm to protect themselves from srilankan navy)

    indian fisherman was intimidated by srilankan navy and few indian trawlers came to help some may have thrwon home made bombs such as petrol bombs. so that in future they dont get the hassal from sl navy.

    now that they all carry mobile phonne they could call for support.