Good time to depreciate Sri Lankan rupee, but consult the people

  • 24 Dec 2008 21:51:16 GMT

    [catastrophe as the global financial crisis unfolds, compounding problems already caused by macroeconomic conditions]

    SL is well shielded from these phenomenons. The Economics expert and Minister Dr.Sarath Amunugama has said that eventhough the whole world is affected by the economic catastrophy the SL economy remains unscathed due to the wonderful economic management strategies adopted by His His Lordship His Royal Highness Shreemath King Mahinda Rajapksa I.

    [`This is why the government should engage the people, tell them exactly what is happening and why it would be necessary to depreciate the rupee]

    People know exactly what is happening. Look at the war. The East is completely liberated from the LTTE and is developing in great paces as never before seen anywhere in the country. The tigers are on the run, the eelam map is shrinking, the war is being fought as has never been seen before, our armed forces are getting stronger day by day, soon the LTTE and terrorism will be wiped out, AND then there will be peace and prosperity for the whole country while the rest of the world could still be suffering.

    All this is possible for Sri Lanka because of the leadership and foresight of His Lordship His Royal Highness King Mahinda Rajapaksa I and the highly efficient and capable Royal Cabinet of Ministers. No other country in the world has a leader as capable as His Lordship His Royal Highness King Mahinda Rajapaksa I.

    Look at the peace His RH has brought by bringing in Karuna and Pillayan to the democratic path. Look at the peace being enjoyed by the people of the East. They are rejoicing and celebrating as told by His RH.

    We as a Nation should nominate His Royal Highness King Mahinda Rajapaksa I and the Honorable Karuna and the Honorable Pillayan for the 2008 World Nobel Peace Price.

  • 28 Dec 2008 07:03:18 GMT

    Who is this senior economist .Rubish I say Sri Lankan economy is the envey of the world with MR & NC in charge. 10% GDP growth next ten years plus oil will be on tap within next two yeres only probloim that I can see is all the down troden Yanks,Brits & rest of the europeanas will try to immigrate to Sri Lanka as assylem seekers.

  • 28 Dec 2008 21:32:42 GMT


    [ Yanks,Brits & rest of the europeanas will try to immigrate to Sri Lanka as assylem seekers ]

    Nobody will be investing in finding new oil dwells with prices as low as they are. Mahinda Mama is extremely short of cash and a collapse is on the way.

    Europeans can no longer afford feeding SL with donations and `asylum seekers` fancy developed countries such as Thailand where 12 million tourists bring in bilions whilst SL attracts as little as 200.000.

    Even tourists from wealthy Asian countries avoid SL due to too much litter and a lack of services, infrastructure and law.

    Face realities and stop promoting leaders, that suffer from various mind related deficits.

  • 28 Dec 2008 21:37:12 GMT


    sometimes SL is like a unique and wonderful comedy with leaders such as VP and MR in charge of a gifted Island.

    One could take it as a joke, if there wouldn`t be so many people losing their lives and living in utter poverty due to their blind