UNP somersault on the war

  • 18 Dec 2008 08:51:25 GMT

    No one WINS wars. They ALL are LOSERS!

  • 18 Dec 2008 14:12:50 GMT

    [Why the somersault?]

    good move by the UNP.. or they will fall back more.. either ways I dont think UNP will go for any ceasefire even if they come to power.. since knowing the LTTE boycotted the elections giving our Ranil less votes...either ways it is a good decision by the UNP.... LTTE got a clear message out of this saying they got no way out...

  • 19 Dec 2008 06:49:50 GMT

    UNP is ever changing......

    Federal to Unitary.....

    CFA to War....

    Anti Karu (who was called a thief during COPE debate)..............to Pro-Karu (Who was rewarded with Deputy Leadership)...

    UNP led by Traitor Ranil is full of Somersaulting Hypocrites and Traitor`s...

  • 19 Dec 2008 15:01:49 GMT

    SLFP and UNP are the two heads of the monster that gave birth to the LTTE.

  • 21 Dec 2008 19:47:42 GMT

    UNP became pro-WAR only after SLA began to attack kilinochchi.

    UNP is far behind with respect to the vision about how Sri Lanka should progress.

    UNP does not address many problems that Sri Lanka has. Therefore, I don`t think UNP as the Saviour of Sri Lanka or as another alternative to UPFA.

    Except for the WAR and LTTE problem, SLFP or UPFA is exactly the same as UNP.

    So, people are better off voting to UPFA.