Sri Lankan Website launched for high-tech jobs

  • 13 Dec 2008 06:27:28 GMT

    I think before exposing the youth to the world market, that they should make them ready for such a task. Sri Lanka must recognise the importance of these mid level technicians and to make them productive and competitive. In between O/L, A/L and University there should be technically sound, properly trained and nationally recognised Tradesman/Technicians (especially in unsaturated trades) as you find in all the developed countries and high in demand.

    I know Sri Lankans are starving for knowledge and by looking at their resumes, these guys have all the diplomas and certificates from number of institutes in many trades. Nobody knows what their ambition or objectives are, and identify what their carrier is or what could they deliver.

    Like myself, am sure there are number of highly trained Sri Lankan professionals living all over the world who are willing to contribute their knowledge and share the know-how to up-bring the Sri Lankan skill levels. Like Chinese government does, I think Sri Lankan Embassies and High Commissions should gather a registry of expats and their vocations, talents and skills and call them if needed to help Sri Lanka.