JNP accuses Karu Jayasuriya of crossing over to nurture terrorism

  • 11 Dec 2008 14:51:53 GMT

    Actually it`s obvious, that Karu Jayasooriya`s explanations which he mentioned about his crossover are not fair and not reasonable.He says that war against terrorisem now succesfull.So his next aim is the country`s ecconomy.Therefore he crossover again.We ask,` wether these things happened according to his party changing process.`People will not accept this type of low quality explanations.Actually Karu doesn`t know about politics as Ranil tolled him once.

  • 12 Dec 2008 08:46:38 GMT

    [The Jathika Nidahas Peramuna (JNP) has queried whether Karu Jayasuriya who joined the Government with the intention of vanquishing terrorism, had rejoined the UNP to nurture terrorism.]

    why do the JNP care if he cross or not.. wimal and the gang should not intefere in each and every matter.. if Karu feel like crossing over it was his wish.. just like how wimals wish was to brake off from JVP...

  • 12 Dec 2008 12:02:20 GMT

    Karu came back to UNP without the horu.

    If Karu is not with Mahinda he is a traitor. (says JNP)

    the political circus of traitor and patriot continues.

    Jayawewa !