Karu at cross roads

  • 8 Dec 2008 07:34:47 GMT

    [lets hope good old Karu will make a wise decision for himself... he is a honest politician...]

    Wow! `honest` and `politician` in the same sentence. I thought that the age of honesty in politics ended, perhaps in the sixties.

    Maybe there`s hope after all if there were more people like Mr Jayasuriya in politics.

  • 8 Dec 2008 07:34:54 GMT

    Yana enaman nethuwa gihin!!

    Aawoth Karu payai Hiru - UNP Slogan

    Aawoth Karu penei tharu - PA Slogan

    Whose correct?

  • 8 Dec 2008 09:55:17 GMT

    Every citizen has their own Problems. Not just Minister`s of the Government, and leader`s of the opposition.

    But, the people of Sri Lanka will never forget any one who tries to destabilize the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa at this time when Prabhakaran is about to be destroyed.

  • 8 Dec 2008 14:46:16 GMT

    Yeah, UNP is your ancetral home of politics.but the big challenge you have, is S.B. he has high hopes of becoming the deputy leader of the UNP which is the stepping stone to be the president of Srilanka in a future UNP regime.

  • 8 Dec 2008 16:09:49 GMT

    Being a matured person,Mr.Karu Jayasuriya should think of the country twice before crossing over to the opposition back where he left a couple of years back and joined the Government saying that he had not proper place in it and he had been discriminated by its leadership.I hope general public of Sri Lanka would not forget sofar his cross over to the government.Playing such petty politics merely for petty political gains will certainly lead to his immaculate political career to jeopardy because general public of sri Lanka is educated and is wise in reaching decisions over such political jokers that can be seen in the Sri Lanka`s political arena from recent past.Mr. Jayasuriya should act taking the above factors to his serious consideration.

  • 8 Dec 2008 16:40:51 GMT

    It was Ranil Wickramasinge, who developed the character Karu Jayasiriya, from a minor entity to the poitical world. But Karu J, made an rebelion against Ranil and joined govt.

    His explanation, however, at that point was to save the country from terrorism. It was correct at that point due to JVP, bada pinum. It was actually due to Karu J`s group that MR govt got the strength to role down the military and govt other activities.

    However, Karu J`s role will become questionable, if he joins the UNP again. Still war is going on. If he resign from the ministerial post to protest this VVIP it would be reasonable. Otherwise he need to make clear statement about UNP`s policy towards LTTE.

    Also if Karu J is to join with UNP to sideline the rebellions in UNP, then his role become more questionable.

  • 8 Dec 2008 17:45:57 GMT

    Yes, he can join to UNP agin and can take long rest untill his expiry.Because he is now very old and cannot work more.But I think others can remain and do something for the country.

  • 8 Dec 2008 18:28:20 GMT

    Lanka News Paper Editor You have become another spy agent as most of your news are fabricated. May be you try to attract readers but please follow normal ethics.

  • 9 Dec 2008 01:17:27 GMT

    Karu J did the mistake by crossing over to the Govt. He should have waited with Ranil and help the Country at important issues not Chinthana policy.

    Now he has realize that although he hold an important ministry he cannot do the RIGHT thing. Only follow the orders. That was SLFP way of doing thing . Listen to orders of the THE WALAUWA.( May be Horagolla or any other place).

    To have the democracy in this country only UNP has the mechanism.

    However we hope Mr. RW and UNP will not get back Pothe Guras like GL, BG and some other bad mouths .

    Karu is not at cross roads but back on correct track.

  • 9 Dec 2008 08:09:25 GMT

    Seems like most of the Traitor Ranil supporters are so desperate that they will take Karu Jayasuriya back....

    But the problem for them is that Karu J has voted with the govt in the budget and there are no signs of Karu leaving the Govt.

    It is Traitor Ranil who should leave the UNP leadership.