Apparently the LRRP member responsible for Col. Shankar`s death has met his fate...

  • 2 Dec 2008 02:42:23 GMT

    [26th September 2001. ]

    Must be a typo...

  • 2 Dec 2008 02:43:41 GMT

    [Must be a typo...]

    No that is when Col Shankar was killed.

  • 2 Dec 2008 02:47:03 GMT

    Old news dude.. This guy has been forgotten in one night. But his loss is a considerable one as he was one of these rare soldiers really dedicated to their duty.

    Daily Newspaper were the first to release the news.

  • 2 Dec 2008 03:17:59 GMT

    [Daily Newspaper were the first to release the news. ]

    Yes I read that too I think in the Nation or Lakbima, but I wanted to highlight this superhuman nature of the guy, living and fighting for 10 DAYS with a cut main artery :):):)

  • 2 Dec 2008 03:18:06 GMT

    Sri Lanka will produce more sons like Maj. Lalith Jayasinghe,...

    But it takes a loooong time to make so called Col Shanker for HELLTTE,......

    And HELLTTE doesn`t have much time,....

  • 2 Dec 2008 03:28:08 GMT

    [Sri Lanka will produce more sons like Maj. Lalith Jayasinghe,... ]

    you mean more superhuman mutants who can live 10 days with a main artery cut?

  • 2 Dec 2008 03:47:52 GMT

    [So a `main artery` is cut yet the good major survived for 10 DAYS!?]

    We feed..`unbiased defence news`...You just eat. Don`t ask questions!

  • 2 Dec 2008 03:57:19 GMT


    Correction it was not Daily, but The Nation.

    This is part of the article on transcurrents..

    [ Due to the region being heavily watched by the LTTE, with there being a large presence of civilians in specially demarcated locations and amidst most difficult weather conditions, Maj. Jayasinghe s team after taking out one target and while preparing to take on a second target in another location, had got into a firefight with a Tiger team that suddenly descended on their location.

    In the firefight he had been wounded, but his team had managed to withdraw to a safer location in order to treat their commanding officer. But their pursuers had caught up with them and had again engaged them, thus ending the life of the brave major, and injuring another soldier. But the dedication of this team had been such that the remaining six members had beaten back the attackers and managed to return to their unit with the body of the major and the injured soldier. ]

    None can survive 10 days with a artery cut, even not 10 hours. This part of the story has been invented by DW.

  • 2 Dec 2008 04:06:05 GMT

    What is an artery? Is it a blood vessel?

    Then what is a main artery?

    Can you please explain?

    I miss Emps:))

  • 2 Dec 2008 04:18:23 GMT


    Arteries are `main and bigger` blood vessels. The muscles in the artery are much stronger to support a higher pressure.. And also the artery contain the oxygenated blood.

    But the main difference is the pressure inside.. It is much higher in the artery than in the vessel.. So you can imagine what happens when you cut an artery.. You lose blood very rapidly and it is hard to stop it.