Evolution of the Sinhala Language

  • 12 Nov 2008 20:37:18 GMT

    Aaa Sin hall are goo rue thumb are,.....

    Hell you when war ha run now war war gay, neigh ?

  • 12 Nov 2008 20:41:18 GMT

    Interesting stuff man.

    Sinhala script looks like : Oriya , Kannada and Malayalam scripts.

    I think it evolved from the Oriya script.

  • 12 Nov 2008 20:44:58 GMT

    [hada (heart) are related to the Sanskrit hardayah]

    Saskrit = hardayah

    Kolamba Hardayo

  • 12 Nov 2008 20:48:18 GMT

    Lot of Tamil words are found in Sinhala and vice versa. Maybe thery had a common origin. One common trend is Tamil `Sa` becomes Sinhala `Ha`:

    Sandhi is Handiya

    Appusamy is Appuhamy

    Sirai is Hirai

    and so on..

    BTW was Vijaya a contemporary of Lord Buddha?


  • 12 Nov 2008 20:52:08 GMT

    Interesting article marky :)

    [Such words as padakkam (medal), kulappu (agitation), kappam (tribute), sellam (play), mattam (level), salli (money), padi (wages), kodi (flag), oppu (proof), ottu (espionage) in common parlance in Sinhala, are infact Tamil loans.]

    i find it amusing that the author chooses these words as examples of Tamil influence on sinhala rather than the following






    ^^close kinship terms are always generally the last to be influenced by a foreighn language.

    in the case of sinhala a lot of close kinship words are in fact Tamil.this points to a much deeper and substratum influence on it by Tamil.

    [Tamil loanwords in Sinhala can appear in the same form as the original word (e.g. akk-257 ), but this is quite rare. Usually, a word has undergone some kind of modification to fit into the Sinhala phonological (e.g. pa-7739 i becomes pa-7735 i(ya) because the sound of /-7739 /, IPA: [-635 ], does not exist in the Sinhala phoneme inventory) or morphological system (e.g. ilakkam becomes ilakkama because Sinhala inanimate nouns (see grammatical gender) need to end with /a/, IPA: [-601 ], in order to be declineable).

    These are the main ways Tamil words are incorporated into the Sinhala lexicon with different endings:

    * With an /a/ added to Tamil words ending in /m/ and other consonants (e.g. p-257 lam - p-257 lama).

    * With a /ya/ or /va/ added to words ending in vowels (e.g. ara-7735 i - araliya).

    * With the Tamil ending /ai/ represented as /-275 /, commonly spelt /aya/.

    * With the animate ending /y-257 / added to Tamil words signifying living beings or /y-257 / replacing the Tamil endings /a-7753 /, /ar/, etc. (e.g. ca-7751 -7789 iyar - ca-7751 -7693 iy-257 ).

    It can be observed that the Tamil phonemes /-7735 / and /-7739 / do not coherently appear as /-7735 / in Sinhala but sometimes as /l/ as well. This is due to the fact that in Sinhala pronunciation there is no distinction between /-7735 / and /l/ the letter /-7735 / is merely maintained as an etymological spelling.]

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    `aacchi` ]

    Do you know the vedda words for these...???

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    Good one !

    Shal(Sanskrit) Sal (pali) Saal (German) and Saalawa (sinhalese)

    `` Heluwen vananno paka ta pungulo veti`` :)

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    Jaihind aka kusumbam,

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    Is it because they don`t want to recognize themselves as Tamil or Sinhala but rather as Muslims ??

    Ummah is an arabic word.

    Umma : The worldwide community of Muslims.

    But I disagree with you.. about that

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    Nice one ML.

    But where is Thivya?