From bombing Rajiv to stoning Jayalalitha

  • 2 Nov 2008 08:40:02 GMT

    Ahh Mr. Sivasubramani you have returned with your genocide thesis again. There`s no genocide in Sri Lanka. It is safe for you to go back to Sri Lanka from wherever you are hiding, any time. Go and see for yourself how many hundreds of thousands of tamils live and go about their normal business in Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Nuwera Eliya and elsewhere. Why be a second class citizen where you now live, when you can be a first class citizen in Sri Lanka, that is, assuming that you were once Sri Lankan.

  • 2 Nov 2008 12:06:44 GMT

    Though in this website tha comments are normally rude `no worries` is not. However for him to ridicule my reference to the genocide in SL as a `thesis` needed a clarification. This reflects the general cavalier view that is taken of the untold sufferings the Tamils have been put through for over 5 decades to become the root cause of the trauma for Tamils in SL and their irreversible alienation. Every Tamil household had in some form or other experienced SL oppression at some stage. For no fault even as early as 1956 Tamils were chased down the streets houses invaded and Tamils assaulted and killed. Tarzie Vitachi a human amongst brutes gives a vivid account of the atrocities then. To this commentator apparently nothing happened to the Tamils even in 1983 and thereafter to this day. Our contacts with our kins though interrupted often times give us a good picture of the living conditions of those Tamils still in SL. Tamils elsewhere have to provide for the basic living of those unfortunate and neglected still in SL. There is no denying that the Tamils driven South from their homelands unable to withstand the scotched earth oppression of the caring regimes in SL to become homeless and destitute refugees in constant fear for their lives. Surely if these living conditions are that for first class citizens, Tamils living elsewhere say a big `thank you` to `no-worries`.