• 1 Oct 2008 04:40:23 GMT

    As far as the information we have the ltte leader is located in pudikudirippu among a heavy civilian population and is not on the move.SLAF strikes are not possible given the density of the population and the nature of the target area.

    recently it was revealed that preparations being made about the acquisition of a sea vessel by the ltte probably to make its leaders escape from sri lanka...

  • 1 Oct 2008 04:43:41 GMT

    [ use of superior equipment recently acquired by the SLAF]

    CATAPULT :)))

  • 1 Oct 2008 04:48:15 GMT

    Massive civilian out cry for the ltte in thamilnadu even in the late hour...:))...


    at the most a few hundreds despite the `fat` money bags.....:))...

    your only hope now is ` chief joker` Sarath nanda De silva...lete see how the old yet humiliated hue Hefner of our judiciary can save big cat...we hear that the man has come to terms with ranil W for the prime miniter post under a Future UNF govt...:))...

    so long...

  • 1 Oct 2008 04:53:58 GMT

    Mr h... the forum gives trouble...could not log in...

  • 1 Oct 2008 04:58:40 GMT

    [Jets raid LTTE gathering point - Mullaittiuvu

    SLAF fighter jets launched air raids at an LTTE gathering point located 3km North East of Piramanthalkulama, Mullaittiuvu, Wednesday (Oct 1) at around 5.30a.m.

    The target was well identified, Air Force Spokesperson Janaka Nanayakkara said, adding that the site was a prominent hideout of senior LTTE terrorists.]


  • 1 Oct 2008 04:59:36 GMT

    Okkomala kulappu keruwa nay da ??????????

    Koty sahodarayanwa baya karanda epa halo.........

    Laundry overload wei.

  • 1 Oct 2008 05:31:40 GMT


    Sarath Silva is just doing his job!

  • 1 Oct 2008 05:34:51 GMT

    [LTTE leaders hideout raided - SLAF

    The Air Force claimed that they attacked an LTTE leaders hideout 3Km North-East of Piramanatalkulam in Mullaitivu early this morning.]


  • 1 Oct 2008 06:16:02 GMT

    Repa the man is not doing his job ill tell you...he contacted the president a few months ago with a request.this was to extend all the support to the president on the condition that the premiership would be given to him upon his retirement and a host of other benefits in exchange for favors to him.

    president tactfully avoided the topic.then he was in talk with some monks to champion his cause.you would be knowing the sort of his contacts with some monks in sri lanka.youll recall when he was caught with a woman down diyawanna oya `in the act` you would know how he went behind those monks to paint the incident as being an incident done by the conspirators from other religions to tarnish the good image of the devout Buddhist.no one has exploited Buddhism to cover up all ills and misdeeds as this man.then when mahinda came to power among the above mentioned request the man made many other which the president avoided.it was then that this man contacted ranil W came to an understanding and got some lawyers and a few others to get petitions before him at his instigation to launch the witch hunt against the govt to paralyze the administration.

    anyway let the man be cautioned that he is playing with the wrong man...:))...the village rules will apply anywayz...:))

    now the plan is to have PB jayasundera behind bars for a cabinet decision made by ranil W`s UNF govt...

    the question is how on earth can PB be responsible for implementing a cabinet decision which was presented by milinda and approved by ranils team at the cabinet of ministers...?

    if PB is punished then how on earth would ranil and milinda escape the blame and the cabinet of minsters by extension...?

    the other deal of the sale of the sri lankan insurance corporation as you would know which was made by the UNF govt was also one of the most corrupt.harry J had a black door deal worked out with our `golden Buddhist` with a large sum exchanging hands for that to not be taken up before the bench.this is how the man does his job.

    without PB its a well known fact that there is no one else suitable or knowledgeable to manipulate the complex lankan economy to balance the political demands and the countries economic welfare.which is why the man is considered the best finance secretary sri lanka ever had.by sending PB behind bars sarath wishes to see the main economic human resources negated from the powerful and competent presidential team.the next victim as per the grand plan is none other than defence secretary Gothabhya Rajapakse.one by one the man intends to remove competent people from the team and to cripple the administration before the elections.

    it was this reason why the president instructed the SLFP to get ready for elections early next year.

    in a nother aspect of concern and cutting a long story short,the UNP cross over group is at the mercy of the judiciary...if the the `man does his job` and declares from the bench that the cross over was illegal in the context of people`s sovereignty, then that becomes the law of the land.so the GOVT will loose the majority in the house.crippling the administration and paving the way for elections in a turbulent set up with things in his grand agenda`s favor...

    anyways let us however in good faith, caution the man...`nayata gahala polla waradda ganna one nahane` kiyala sinhala kiyamanak thiyenawane...look what happned to VP...:))...

  • 1 Oct 2008 06:30:03 GMT

    There is speculation among politico military circuits that the man is working over time to see to it that the imminent military victories are not gained or in other words the war effort is crippled which would establish the presidents position,power and supremacy on an unprecedented scale...

    time will tell...and the game has begun...