Sri Lanka Army dumps dead soldiers in the stretches of Arippu

  • 31 Jan 2008 03:39:05 GMT

    [Two Sri Lanka Army soldiers, escaping from the battlefield with the help of local residents have said ....]

    hmm.. so let me get this straight

    Two Sri Lankan soldiers escaped the battlefield and joined Wanni ??

    then they gave an interview to TamilNet ???

    hoh hoh

    April fools day is long way ahead.. keep these punnakku till then


  • 31 Jan 2008 03:55:19 GMT

    This is shame on sinhala patriot , they simply keep bashing things but never ever pay attention to those poor sinhala lads , they are not patriot or nationalist but mealy sla the source of income they take this risk so in the end of their life a compensation will be given to home but now that also said no by declaring the dead as MIA or deserters , shameful to you all dear Sinhalese , shameful .

  • 31 Jan 2008 03:59:23 GMT

    Any way thanks should go to those who genuinely pay attention to this mater not to the propaganda we are winning , they are not there to fight the war that is not belong to them , this is purely survival and source of income , hope they get what they have been promised , damn the life is that much easy for those half Americans .

  • 31 Jan 2008 04:37:42 GMT

    Shaken with dead SLA caskets../

    Tamil Nut running out of ground.

    cheap publicity.

  • 31 Jan 2008 05:23:54 GMT

    Thambi thambi,

    this is comeing from wetamil nut.

  • 31 Jan 2008 05:28:52 GMT

    Hoo hoo... tamilnet has finally given something for the diaspora fools to cheer about :) :)

    ya ya you ltte goons...all SLDF is dead and dying and we`re dumping all of them into waterways... happy now! :)

  • 31 Jan 2008 06:02:25 GMT

    Tamil Net is now more concern about the SLA, and they do not have anything of their own to publish, this is the new technique and the tactic of LTTE now. These news are worth to dreamers of the Elam

  • 31 Jan 2008 06:36:38 GMT

    [Jan 30, Colombo: Hundreds of Sri Lankan troops pushed through the front lines of the Tamil Tiger rebels in Muhamalai and Nagarkovil and overran 35 rebel bunkers in a surprise attack killing 10 Tigers, the military said.

    Later Air Force carried out air strikes on the field headquarters of the LTTE at Weddukadu and destroyed the rebel base, the Media Center for National Security said.

    In a pre dawn strike, infantrymen based in the northern Jaffna peninsula crossed the front lines into rebel-held territory to the south and attacked 35 Tamil Tiger bunkers.

    LTTE radio transmissions have revealed 10 cadres were killed in the confrontation. However, ground troops have reported that 25-30 terrorists were either killed or wounded, Military sources said. Seven army soldiers were also wounded in the fighting, sources added.

    Fighting has intensified lately in the North as the Sri Lankan government has determined to crush the rebels and drive them away from the North. Military has been successful in their attempts recently to corner the rebels into the Wanni region.


    Army is probably dumping the dead LTTE to move forward.

  • 31 Jan 2008 09:39:58 GMT

    This is standard propaganda. They better learn Sinhala ad get itin the SInhala press if they want even a semblance of a chance of success.

    Sometimes I tend to agree with Gota when it comes to the press publishing garbage like this !

  • 31 Jan 2008 10:12:51 GMT


    My first call- All those who don`t agree with terrorism, or hate LTTE, lets get the vocabs correct, lets not ever refer/relate any terra/LTTE person with the word `tamil`, For ex there is not tamilnet , it is terranet!

    We clearly no Tamils aren`t a terrorists, and it is terrorists who so call themselves Tamils or fighting for Tamils- again their just terras - facing extinction! Labeled and to be finished!

    Of course Berty anna and the arm-chair terras will tell they are tamil terras, but anna, you are simply mistaken. Sure you can be one facing extinction, but that has nothing to do with you being a `Tamil`!

    Second call- So Terra net says

    [Two Sri Lanka Army soldiers, escaping from the battlefield .....said that their fellow troopers killed in the battle were being dumped]

    So what ? Did they say SLA killed their own soldiers ? Or whether they massacred innocent civilians of all races ? or recruited children to fight? or got pregnant mothers to blow themselves up ?

    Why are we letting terra net and other terra propaganda to argue on equal grounds ? Did the Liberation of Terra Tiger Elaam, talk about sovereignty of some race ? I heard somewhere that they wrote to UN! UN ha? for children, women, innocents they have massacred is it ? Which UN treaty, convention, or law did Liberation Terra`s adhere to ?