Former LTTE cadre and family seek Navy help

  • 25 Jan 2008 06:38:19 GMT

    Fisherman deprived his livehood../

    Tamils against homeland.

  • 25 Jan 2008 15:19:23 GMT

    He and his family get some sinhala names and a famous surname.....Rajapaksha is good enough.... in additoin to diplomatic PP and official mission to west...if and only if he provided GoSL with all details he has about LTTE....

    can we get another Kokila Gunewardana story .... eager to hear another... heehhehehe...then Boga will say....goSL has nothing to do with it.. hehe

  • 27 Jan 2008 10:04:53 GMT

    [He and his family get Sinhala names and a famous surname...Rajapaksa is good enough..]

    To make him Singhala is bit difficult because of the language problem.

    But making him Muslim is very easy. It is a matter of cutting the tip and giving most merciful and most gracious name Mohommad.

    So we can call him Mohommad Konakapala.

  • 27 Jan 2008 11:13:29 GMT

    Karuna was assaulted and poured hot water over in the maximum high security prison by the fellow prisoners in the UK. Karuna joined the army and kidnapped children with the help of the soldiers.

    The above heading may be another propaganda. If true, those who betray their own people and get into committing crimes by colluding with the army or navy must know about karma.

  • 27 Jan 2008 18:01:12 GMT

    SLN must be happy to help this family as this is a part of Navy role. However, the forces and police must keep close eye on this family as some LTTErs can infiltrate using some loop holes of the security system.

  • 27 Jan 2008 19:27:40 GMT



    I am glad you are aware of the Karmic cycle, for you will also have to face this one day,as you are also just as guilty as Kruna, and if not worse.]

    Your words are true not only to the writer himself but others who are more guilty by thrusting an illegal Sinhala Only Act without realising the ensuing destruction. Those power hungry politicians would have redressed the injustice by standing against the unruly racists who wanted to sabotage the agreements, only one, but 4, that were signed by the leaders of both Sinhala and Tamil speaking communities by iplementing any of them.

    Tamils who have been on the run for 27 years had enough and stood up against the thugs and racists who wanted to destroy them. In opposing the hegemony of the unruly thugs there were blunders which were in retaliation as Mahadma Gandhis and Jesus Christs were no-longer in existence to turn their other cheeks repeatedly when the terrorist regimes turn their bombers and tanks.