Probe on Mervyn will take time - Nimal

  • 5 Jan 2008 00:10:14 GMT

    [Chairman of the three-member committee, Nimal Siripala de Silva, appointed by the SLFP to probe into the recent activities of Minister Mervyn Silva, said that a thorough investigation would be conducted and it would take some time since many people had to be questioned and the statements made by some to the Police had to be studied.]

    The news says this committee is appointed by SLFP. How can they questioned many other people other than SLFP members?

    Another news article says government is going to take action against the employees of SLRC who beated this moron Mervin. That may happen before taking action against this mad dog.

  • 5 Jan 2008 07:10:35 GMT

    When the right time arrived MR will wash his all his dirty linen on Rohitha and Mervin.You all are are fooled.MR is a very shrewed and knows what he does.

    Then all the parliamentarians will come to the stage with very clean pure white national dresses at the next election.

  • 5 Jan 2008 08:00:57 GMT

    Why waste time for a thug like Mervin Silva, no one have the back born to punish this idiot

  • 5 Jan 2008 10:37:21 GMT

    [However, angry Rupavahini employees imprisoned him inside the Chairman`s room and inflicted minor injuries on him. He was rescued by the police]

    Minor injuries? What happened to his private parts? Why did doctors examine those?

    Hak Hak.

  • 5 Jan 2008 11:40:10 GMT

    Take your own time Nr. Nimal Siripala de Silva. No need to hurry with this minor matter. You have all the time till the next elections whenever that comes and then forget all about it.

    Mean time have fun with a pretty damsel as Secretary and all the luxury you want as Chairman of the Committee. We poor citizens, no our poorer children, will pay for all your Tamasha.

  • 5 Jan 2008 16:27:59 GMT


    POO7.. Throw more light about that damsel secretary as SARATHK too would be interested hire her for a while before Nimal spoils her.. Law..yers upto mischief?

    Leave alone the backbone of Nimal.....

    Siripala is finding it difficult to find out whether he has indeed got a neckline.

    Its only his head now joined to the toroso.

    SLRC employees have played dirty on mervyn Silva aney...

    they have done the Sri Sumangala thing on poor mervyn when inside that room & now DW Prathapasinghe has sent Mervyn to the JMO for his Right B8ll to be examined to bring charges against the SLRC employees..

    Nimal Siripala is waiting for that report??????????

  • 5 Jan 2008 20:03:05 GMT

    There are enough evidence in past video clips of Mervin Silva`s unethical behavior. The prob committee can view those easily.

    His recent behavior is enough to take an action against him. He is appointed MP, People did not gave him verdict to act like that in a media institution. Much bureaucratic way he should have done is to write a letter to Chairman for his action.

  • 5 Jan 2008 20:06:54 GMT

    Please chek the prior postings . Are they ethical and due to the guide lines. When anything is wrong please inform this is wrong,and not allowed. That`s the fair way.

  • 5 Jan 2008 21:30:42 GMT

    Another probe !

    Another attempt to buy time and forget and probably give him another cabinet rank for the services to the nation !!

    When will the govt. have a boackbone?

    If they can`t simply get rid of this sub-human how can they enforce law and order in the contry!!

    I wonder who the police arrest other culprits with out eye witnesses/ evidence when this thugs crime was witnessed by the whole country !

    No wonder the human rights situation has gone to dogs !

  • 6 Jan 2008 04:11:36 GMT


    [Throw more light about that damsel secretary as SARATHK too would be interested hire her for a while before Nimal spoils her..]

    Mrs. Nimal Siripala will have all the details of all the damsels. Why not ask her?