Two Sinhala Tigers arrested in Sri Lanka

  • 4 Jan 2008 07:24:55 GMT

    Worst LTTE supporters in Sinhalese and Muslim community can be find in armed forces.

    Not Hakzz but Aus Hicks in Afghanistan now free.

    Glass houses proverb

  • 4 Jan 2008 07:58:49 GMT

    Do not throw mud at our brave armed forces. There were people in the past who worked for LTTE goons, but not now a days.

  • 4 Jan 2008 09:31:43 GMT

    Looks like government media people are cooking up stories from time to time to put fear into the minds of ordinary people who are suffering from high cost of living and to keep the war going.

  • 4 Jan 2008 13:01:24 GMT

    [The suspects are Hattotuwage Chitrananda alias Chitra (48) a carpenter and Senanayakage Don Asiri Kamal (28) a motor mechanic.]

    terrific! their address im presuming would be known by locals..i urge the good citizens of anuradhapura to visit this family and deliver some old fashioned justice. this should be a warning to any other `tiger lovers` out there. sinhalese tigers should be killed on site if you ask me.

  • 4 Jan 2008 16:15:25 GMT

    Nayo petiyek innawa.....

  • 4 Jan 2008 17:35:40 GMT

    These traitors arrested should be castrated first because they are not men anymore.Anyway they are of tamil origin too.So You cannot say Singhalaya Modaya.What about the guys whosupplied armed forces with where abouts of Thamilselvam???What about Tamils who licked English asses to get higher posts betraying Singhalese heroes when we were under British?(Not all the Tamils obviously).Many Tamils abroad still prefer to call our country `Ceylon` the way British colonial stock called us.They simply do not know that English could not pronounce the word Sri Lanka and made it Shi Lan and then it became Ceylon.Stupid ididots.They have to thank our great great grand fathersthat they did not chase them or did not kill them and let them settle down in our country when they came with Chola invaders.

  • 4 Jan 2008 17:53:06 GMT

    How much money have these `mixed race` traitors got from the Vanni butchers?

    They can not be called SINHALA tigers as they are not 100% Sinhala men.


    Like during the ancient Sinhala Kings` time, these traitors

    should be hanged in public to give a resounding example to other future tiger terrorist lickers!

    The general public must be highly vigilant to give all information to the SLDFs of such people.

  • 4 Jan 2008 19:24:47 GMT

    Underlying question is why people take bribe in such a massive scale to help terrorists.

    There are many thousands we can find in our close communities for few thousands rupees to get any dirty job done irrespectively the race.

    Our duty is to find the solution for this problem !

  • 8 Jan 2008 00:18:49 GMT

    Sinhalese Tigers, Tamil Lions (eg. Devananda, Sangaree, TMVP), bit of a comedy :)

    Imagine if Sinhalese Tigers directly kill Tamil Lions, now that would be really wierd!