JVP demands Bill to bake Prima

  • 3 Jan 2008 01:09:22 GMT

    If this member of this party follow the present day Chinese government policies,with respect to similar situation,then he may have to withdraw his comments and adopt a new progressive policy.One can`t legislate against price rises,when the gosl is printing money, regardless and there is a scarcity of wheat,that is been increasingly used to make bio fuels.If they are not happy will Prima,then buy them out and run like the Mihin Air.

  • 3 Jan 2008 04:18:42 GMT

    Let`s eat rice, rice flour, rice cake, rice bread, rice biscuits, rice this, rice that.

    Let`s eat cassava. Let`s eat sweetpotatoes. Let`s eat breadfruit. Let`s eat jack fruit.

    We have a lot of local food. We we eat wheat flour bread???

  • 3 Jan 2008 04:20:38 GMT

    [The Government should think of moving from wheat flour to alternatives and must revitalise an indigenous food culture which would not depend on foreign companies,` Weerawansa said. ]

    Confirming how undemocratic JVP is. No wonder we have this war against dictatorship and self governance.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil / Prima alumni

  • 7 Jan 2008 14:13:43 GMT

    The buying power of the Rupee is plumetting at a rate, that is the main reason for the skyrocketing prices of all consumer goods in Sri Lanka.

    If the prices of items were escalating to such an extent in the international markets it would be a fact reflected all over the world. No one in any other country is complaining agonizingly as in Sri Lanka about a bread price increase or a oil price increase or a flour price increase etc etc any where else except in Sri Lanka. The Rupee is so weak that it hardly can buy anything now. That is due to disastrous economic management very low domestic productivity, waste and corruption.

    So baking Prima with some stupid Bill is not going to work any magic!

  • 7 Jan 2008 14:23:47 GMT

    JVP knows that SLFP can be dictated to do anything that will defeat the latter and push itself up the power ladder.