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Who killed UNP MP T. Maheswaran?
Wednesday, 2 January 2008 - 8:54 AM SL Time

What UNP says....

Sri Lankas parliamentarians from the ruling coalition and the opposition have accused the government of being responsible for killing Tamil MP, T Maheswaran.

Colombo District United National Party (UNP) legislator T Maheswaran, has been shot dead at a Hindu temple in the capital, Colombo.

Maheswaran, a former minister and an outspoken critic of government`s policy towards minority Tamils, was clinically dead when he was taken to the hospital, authorities told the BBC.

Opposition and UNP leader, Ranil Wickramasinghe, said the government put pressure on MP Maheswaran and others to vote for the budget proposals. As a result (of voting against) his security as well as that of Mano Ganeshan and some other members were withdrawn, he told journalists in Delhi, India.

The late MP was to expose the involvement of key people of the killing in Jaffna, the opposition leader said.The government has to take full responsibility for the killing of this MP, Ranil Wickramasinghe said.

Deputy minister P Radhakrishnan told BBC Sandeshaya that the government should take the full responsibility as three Tamil MPs are killed since President Mahinda Rajapaksa took over since November 2005.

MP Joseph Pararajasingham`s killer is still at large in Batticaloa, the Up Country Peoples Front (UPF) parliamentarian told BBC`s Elmo Fernando. However, UPF leader minister P Chandrasekaran said it is too early to point the finger at anybody.

The UNP said the slain legislator has planned to reveal the widespread human rights violations in Jaffna. He was planning to make a special statement at the parliament on abductions and killings in Jaffna on 08 January, UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said.

At least six people a day are abducted by pro-government paramilitary groups, T Maheswaran has told media a day before the killing.

The UNP parliamentarians accused the government of reducing his security days after he voted against the government for budget proposals.
UNP legislators Ravi Karunanayake said his security was reduced to two policemen from 18 just after the vote.

Pointing the finger at the government, UNP parliamentarians Johnston Fernando and Dayasiri Jayasekara said his plan to reveal Jaffna situation has led to his murder.

What MR Regime says.......

The government has denied any responsibility.
The government says the fact that his security was reduced has not played any part in the assassination.

The security was provided based on the recommendation of the Threat Assessment Unit and the late MP has failed to change his routines, Defence spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said.

Police have begun investigations.

Two including the MP were killed and 10 others have sustained injuries at the shooting incident. Inspector General of Police (IGP), Victor Perera, told BBC that the suspect who sustained injuries is also admitted to the hospital.

We are making inquiries, he said.



This is a serious threat to any one in SL that the failing belligerent Rajapaksa regime decided to silence him desperately to coverup its illegal activities of intimidation, Kidnapping, extortion, extrajudicial murders, rape ( especially in North and East) , mishandling( Looting) of state money using illegal underworld gangs and paramilitary groups.

This type of assassination has been happening for long time, Recently, on 21 December, a UNP candidate, Muthukumar Sivapalan, was shot and killed in Jaffna, allegedly by the EPDP, not to mention Ravi Raj and Joseph Pararajasingham all were out spoken about human rights vialations.

The sad factor is the killers are still at large.There were hocus pocus investigations done even inviting the Scotland yard just to eye wash the International community.
People only talk about it a day or two and forget about the whole incident and the Corrupted Rajapaksa regime have their way regardless of IC watchful eye.

Days earlier he had promised to reveal the role of Sri Lankan military and the paramilitary EPDP group in the killings and abductions of Tamil civilians in his home district of Jaffna. Also he mentioned those EPDP death squad are sent from Colombo By Douglas Devananda with the instruction of MI the GOVT Intelligence unit to do . This must be a very serious accusation and clearly the MR Regime did not want to face it. Took a very risky move to eliminate the messenger.

Mano Ganesan, the leader of the Western Province Peoples Front and Human rights activist whose security was also slashed by the MR regime recently said he has no other option than leaving Sri Lanka as the lives of Tamil parliamentarians have been endangered by the reduction of security provided to them is a deliberate intimidation act to silence anyone who voice against MR Regime and its atrocities.

Mervin De Silva episode is a good example of how far MR Regime will go to intimidate anyone .


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  2 Jan 2008 04:20:43 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Govt. responsible for my life, Maheswaran in final TV interview

Edited By - Maitreya - 2 Jan 2008 04:21:00 GMT
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  2 Jan 2008 09:35:04 GMT  Report for Abuse   

This is not new, how many times did Raviraj say that the gvt would be reesponsible for his death too. Same thing here!

Certain groups like EPDP TMVP and underworld thugs are allowed to roam free with guns and for money they will kill anyone!!

If Rajapakse gvt is in controll and they are winning as they say against LTTE, they would genuinely control these incidents, because they are telling lies they allow these kind of diversions to go on!
This is a desperate gvt run by morons with no brains!
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  2 Jan 2008 12:16:23 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Who killed UNP MP T. Maheswaran?

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  2 Jan 2008 13:25:24 GMT  Report for Abuse   
It can be LTTE who killed the MP....or some other powers..

anyway.......MR's administration should take the partial responsibility....though the opposition was crying to get security re-installed, GoSL had a dead ear to their demands....and he was shot dead..

reduction of his security indeed has facilitated (LTTE or whoever killed him)....its like 'Pala Nokiya Pala Bedeema'....killing him was like a piece of cake for the killers....
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  5 Jan 2008 14:54:06 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Ding Ding......Are you alright?
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  19 Jan 2008 19:11:30 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Criminal Mahinda+Bros behind the killing of Colombo District Parliamentarian T.Maheswaran.By using paramilitary EPDP Terrorist group leader Douglas Devananda.
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  20 Jan 2008 18:02:13 GMT  Report for Abuse   
This photo and the link proof the killing of UNP MP Mr.T.Maheswaran.

Photo of killer Thomas Collin Valentine alias Wasanthan with EPDP Douglas Devananda.
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