What is Land Titling

  • 27 Sep 2007 23:33:41 GMT


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  • 27 Sep 2007 23:36:38 GMT


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  • 28 Sep 2007 00:08:10 GMT


    Hora oppu writing has become a cottage industry now.

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    Appeals courts are inundated with these kind of cases.

    Unbelievable the amount of fraudulent deeds.

  • 18 Sep 2008 08:11:48 GMT

    Land Fraud has increased in countries with title registration because the law does not permit recovery of lands from fraudsters. Sri Lnaka is introducing the new act

    It is a pleasure to inform you that there will be a conference on the 22 nd and 23rd October in Malaysia on Protection of Property Rights held in collaboration with Terra Institute University of Wisconsin, Property Record Industry and Association of USA, Islamic university of Malaysia and LATEM [ Land Tenure Environment Management ] world class research resource centre in Malaysia. It will be an international forum to discuss the problem of land fraud and title registrtaionwhich will greatly affect the land rights of all countries in the future.

    Background to this conference.

    Protection of property rights has become an important topic because of money laundering and land fraud. Property rights often spoken together with the rule of law does not have a law to protect an owner against ` land fraud ` or `government takings`. The gap in the law has created severe problems for land owners especially in the developed nations such as USA Australia Canada and UK. The other nations including the 53 Commonwealth nations which are in the transitional stage of converting de facto rights to de jure rights requires advice regarding institutional environment. The administration and the environment should be secure and free of corruption, conducive to create an efficient flexible system of property rights such that the registration process is affordable and safe. Owners often fall back to the non registration system due to the cost factor, corruption in the administration and conveyancing process.

    Emphasis has been on establishing property rights through out. The rule of law and property rights seem synonymous but when land is misappropriated by governments and taken away from owners by fraudulent means legal systems do not afford a remedy. The conference is held in Malaysia mainly because of the serious judicial decision, which created precedence that the land belongs to fraudster rather than to the owner according to the title registration law.

    USA to day faces a great challenge due to the pervasiveness of land fraud . property Record Industry and Association [ PRIA] is a unique partnership of business and government members of the property record industry with the end goal of facilitating recordation and access to public property records facilitate research, development, creation and implementation of national standards and procedures for the property industry in USA. They will join us at the conference with Professor David Stanfield from Terra Institute university of Wisconsin.

    Universities and registrars of land in several jurisdictions have many ideas and written papers which give great solutions. These will be presented at the conference.. The absence of a forum to collect and disseminate the knowledge to all is a disadvantage