Cop jailed for bribery

  • 31 Aug 2007 05:18:33 GMT

    Angoda Police may be,

    Bet, lankan Bribery officials to catch a Customs Officer.

  • 31 Aug 2007 22:53:30 GMT

    Good but just a sprat only.

    next for SHARKS

    such as

    ... ministers.... MP`s....defence officials... heads of govt. organisations.... police..... judiciary......etc etc.

  • 31 Aug 2007 23:07:19 GMT

    The four year sentence was not for taking bribes but getting caught.

    If taking bribes was a crime in Sri Lanka all politicians and most leading public servants will be in jail.

  • 1 Sep 2007 02:47:46 GMT

    Eventhough Sri Lanka has the nets for the Sharks the authorities do not have the backbone to use those nets. The sprats get caught as there is no risk of an attack by a sprat! Not so with the Sharks!