Dons and undergrads embroiled over ragging

  • 21 Aug 2007 04:30:07 GMT

    [For Rs. 5000 can find a find criminal to throw a bucket of acid on the face of these ragging bastards]

    If anything has developed during MR`s time, it is self-employments like kidnapping, abductions, acid throwing, contract killings and aid looting.

    JVP is behind the barbaric ragging in Slanka universities. Sadly, today, UNiversities have become JVP properties. Students who do not follow JVP orders are subjected to inhuman torture. JVP is a curse and it must be uprooted. MR is giving milk to JVP thugs, and JVP thugs are destroying universities.

    Vamp4, take on JVP, if you can.

  • 21 Aug 2007 11:22:04 GMT

    Those caught ragging must be sent to a separate uni with Premadasa Udugampola as the dean. There is no other way. Eye for an eye is the only answer. Let them taste their own medicine.

  • 21 Aug 2007 11:24:21 GMT

    Bravo Vamp4, well said. I too will tend to do the same if it happened to someone I know.

  • 22 Aug 2007 04:02:12 GMT

    The subject of ragging has gone on for some time and is sure to go on.

    Some years back ragging used to be present in universities but at a very moderate level.Mainly of a teasing nature and often brought out good humor.

    I may be wrong but I think,the nature of ragging changed a lot and took a ugly turn with the introduction of the district quota system of entry to universities, where the intake of a particular quota from each district is the criteria rather than consideration of real overall academic performance.

    It`s a common thought that under the quota system a student who burnt the mid night oil right throughout his school days, say from a district like Colombo, is denied of his right to enter University,which had been his life long dream,whereas one who never aspired to reach higher echelons of education finds himself, to both his and other`s surprise landed in University,and there onwards doesn`t know what to do with himself.Such a person engaging in unproductive activities is of no surprise.

    Its very unjust to victimize students from the so called `privileged districts` for no wrong of theirs.

    The emphasize should be in developing the education facilities in the under developed areas rather than pruning down on the real cream who really deserve to be there donning the cap and the gown.

    So no wonder the country`s higher echelons are occupied by some one else rather the rightful person, who really deserves to be there.Think of professions like doctors, engineers.When you enter a hospital think, am I being treated by a brilliant surgeon,or could there have been someone better in his place?

    Speak least about POLITICS here.

    Sri Lanka`s strategy for the future should be to develop the under developed and not taking away from the have`s just to please the have nots, unless the have`s have achieved it by unlawful means.

    Being still optimistic about a better future for Sri Lanka.

  • 22 Aug 2007 04:12:16 GMT

    Sri Lanka should demolish Free university studies.

    Ragging seniors should be suspend or expelled and deal with criminal laws.

    Extremities political parties are behind university student


    Those are the groups against private universityes.

  • 22 Aug 2007 06:27:21 GMT

    Ragging is a criminal offence. First the government should bring in laws to brand ragging as a crime and then convince undergrads and general public that it is a criminal offence.

    If anybody get caught with ragging he should be reported to police and tried in the criminal court.

  • 23 Aug 2007 02:02:19 GMT

    As some one pointed out in this forum when the west was still jumping from tree tree uncivilized, Sri lanka was leading the civilized world so now they are leading the world in ragging stakes ( in humane act on vulnerable new entrants) ) talk about the past glory. Worst yet some of thees uncaring bullies will become future leaders of Srl Lanka. We have all read and listen to expert berating about the damage done by christen west to the civilized world. So lets follow the guiding light under Buddhism Sri Lanka as the barrow meter for civilized world to follow.

  • 9 Sep 2009 01:11:08 GMT

    JVP that is campaigning against the ills of the country must give a serious attention to this problem in the universities.