`Tiger` cub to release pop album in US

  • 20 Aug 2007 05:12:04 GMT

    Damn!! I just saw this video of hers..


    Not bad for a Tamil Gyal..

    I don`t think they should connect every Tamil girl or boy to TIGERS..but i will refrain from commenting as i really don`t know much about this girl

  • 20 Aug 2007 05:16:48 GMT

    Better to release. But need to find the intention. if it is a good one, no problem,

    But it is rare to find such occasions.May be to collect money to send their own nation.

    Who knows?

  • 20 Aug 2007 05:20:48 GMT

    [The first single from KALA, `Boyz` was just listed at #1 Rolling Stone`s Hot List, and #1 Song of the Month in Blender magazine.

    M.I.A. is currently on a world tour performing in France, Belgium, the US and Japan.]

    Now the Sinhala Nazis can see that even the third generation Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora is determined to liberate the Tamil Eelam from the clutches of Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism. Vast majority of SL Tamil Diaspora`s younger generation are graduating from western universities and colleges.

    The Tamils knew that they were in for a long fight, when they took arms to defend their homeland from Sinhala Nazis. Therefore, the younger generation will continue the fight against the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism.

    The Sri Lankan government is issuing bonds to raise 500 million, but imagine how many millions Maya alone will give to the Tamil freedom struggle.

    It seems the Buddha gave all of his wisdom to Tamils and gave his begging bowl to the Sinhalese. lol :)

  • 20 Aug 2007 05:26:56 GMT


    [It seems the Buddha gave all of his wisdom to Tamils and gave his begging bowl to the Sinhalese.]

    Make up your mind that way.

  • 20 Aug 2007 05:32:16 GMT

    Its alright being controversial. MIA making a name, fame & money by riding the tiger vehicle and at the expense of Sri Lanka.

    Hope she would divert her money as narrated in the `hussle` to redeem the children from clutches of war and provide them with genuine education.

    May her words turn into sincere action or is she another creation or an exploitation by the underhand tiger money & advertising?????/

    Its too early say and only time will disclose.

    Anyway, good luck to this young SL born artist`s career.

    Wish her success and may the good sense & judgement prevail.

  • 20 Aug 2007 05:37:29 GMT


    Excellent comment eccept `May be to collect money to send their own nation`

  • 20 Aug 2007 05:41:19 GMT

    Hope she will fund more camps for cubs and rehabilitate recently bombed children`s homes.

    This will encourage second,third generation off springs to support Tamil destruction in Sri lanka.

  • 20 Aug 2007 05:51:55 GMT

    [It seems the Buddha gave all of his wisdom to Tamils and gave his begging bowl to the Sinhalese. lol :]

    Yep, that seems to be true... no doubt about it, by looking at how things are happening!

  • 20 Aug 2007 06:00:11 GMT

    M.I.A getting very popular. [Tamils have to send lots of greeting to the young girl.]

    One of her song says `like PLO we dont surrender(o)`

    Tiger lion fight, and she is dress like a women tiger[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knQuxZj9rTA&mode=related&search=]

  • 20 Aug 2007 06:13:46 GMT


    [One of her song says `like PLO we dont surrender(o)`]

    and which song of hers say `unlike PLO, we do testicle withdrawal, and NEVER come back (alive) even to retrieve our surrounded cadres!` ?

    a youtube link would be fine! :)