Thonda`s `cock` stands challenged

  • 16 Aug 2007 03:21:31 GMT

    Is that a shuttle cock???

  • 16 Aug 2007 03:55:52 GMT

    What will happen to Thonda`s `cock` now? Will it continue to stand?

  • 16 Aug 2007 08:20:54 GMT

    MR dilutes Thonda`s cocks.

  • 16 Aug 2007 09:49:06 GMT

    If Traitor Ranil decides to go for Thonda`s cock, Thonda too will get Galloping Aids.....

  • 16 Aug 2007 12:54:30 GMT

    True!!Good heading.[Real story behind COCK]

    suresh vadevel was supplying women to Thondi when he was working at Grand hotel nuweraeliya(even some techers). Then he was promoted as his Personal assistance latter he was given a chnace to contest. He won the elcetion, Now Thondi cock stands he may be supplying his boss health minister Nimal siripla de silva who is a womenizer.(hope he should supply a AIDS victim)

  • 16 Aug 2007 17:19:00 GMT

    Thondi wont worry too much, he always travel india for a change

  • 16 Aug 2007 20:33:19 GMT

    Guide to identifying Thonda`s cock:

  • 16 Aug 2007 21:18:37 GMT

    Great way of presenting news indeed...thondas cock will rise when MR is deemed weak in the future...

    so would the jvp`s tools...

  • 17 Aug 2007 11:15:41 GMT

    Is he on local Viagra?

  • 17 Aug 2007 11:39:40 GMT

    SF Bro,

    [so would the jvp`s tools...]

    Upaasakaya wage hitiyata umbath honda honda ewwa kiyanawa neda ))))!! (J/K bro:))

    It would be interesing to see if Thonda`s Cock can stand `Firm` inspite of all this challenge.