Rambukwelle alleges int`l community playing into hands of LTTE, UNP

  • 15 Aug 2007 03:03:07 GMT

    [?why ACF, contrary to the request of the Sri Lankan ambassador in Paris, invited the former Head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, ?]

    Again an assumption from my part, but possibly ACF felt that the Sri Lankan Ambassadors request amounted to external interference in the internal affairs of ACF? In these days, as you might be aware, one has to be careful about ones sovereignty.

    [?why despite the perceived urgency, ACF failed to reach the compound as soon as possible, so that it was left to another agency to discover the bodies?]

    I think it would be best to ask the armed forces of the government of Sri Lanka this, as they hindered access to the site for all agencies (SLMM, ACF, ICRC) except for the Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies.

    [?why the compensation paid to the families of such workers is nugatory, given the danger to which ACF, by its irresponsibility, had exposed them, and from which it had failed to take appropriate action to rescue them as outlined above.?]

    I understand that the compensation paid is many, many times the compensation paid by the perpetrators of this war crime, and certainly less than the Government of Sri Lanka has paid for the failure to protect its? citizens.

    You also state: [?There is no doubt that such negligence, if addressed in a European Court of Law, would have resulted in the award of massive damages to the grieved families, rather than the puny amounts that I gather from NGO sources have been awarded.?]

    May I add to this statement that there is no doubt that an incident such as this, if addressed by the law enforcement authorities in a civilized society, would not have remained unsolved for over a year, and that the perpetrators and those responsible for controlling them would have been incarcerated by now.

    Finally, you state: [?I believe the Sri Lankan government has an obligation to the victims and their families and we should insist on their behalf that ACF follow international norms in this regard.?]

    Sir, I agree. The Sri Lankan government had an obligation to the victims and it failed them the first time by letting undisciplined thugs murder these men and women. It failed them a second time by ensuring that the investigation into their deaths was made in a most ineffective way. You do not seem to take seriously these obligations. Your lapse in this regard only substantiates my suspicion that you began this exercise with a particular agenda, which is sadly that of those in Sri Lanka that are not interested in justice.

    Interventions such as your only assist those who are trying to blacken the country?s name in the commercial world while also calling for UN monitoring. Unfortunately this campaign is pushed also by various foreign former convenience store managers and others who have found in Sri Lanka employment at a level they could not dream of in their own countries.

  • 15 Aug 2007 03:28:46 GMT

    Sri Lanka has become a base for UN based International employees.

    What Reputation those so called Experts carry with them to meddle with a internal matter in a democratic nation.

    GOSL should extract each and every UN.NGO Representatives and scrutinize there identity in overseas and there necessity to work in Sri lanka.

  • 16 Aug 2007 03:37:54 GMT

    [Minister Rambukwelle cautioned that the international community was playing into the hands of both the LTTE and the main opposition UNP ]

    Who is playing into whose hands? Mr. Minister, how about the Govt. getting its act together? Is it not the widespread corruption, human rights violations and mounting cost of living that is playing into the hands of the IC, UNP and the LTTE? Eliminate or at least minimise corruption, spiralling cost of living and human rights violations and see what happens? Put thy house in order Mr. Minister without blaming others.

  • 16 Aug 2007 04:13:36 GMT

    It is pity that Sri Lankan Government has to fight against terrorism plus pro tiger political parties who want to keep the conflict for another 20 years for their own political advantages. Also further against international tigers within Amnesty UN and all other countries NGOs. It is also pity that these orgs. do not involve in humantarian assesment in IRAQ. and doble standard definition for terrorism in SL. It is understood war means business to Australia,USA,Russia and many countriesb but Sri Lankan ignorant politicians(Runil & the gang) should understand this and join the Government and help the govt.to win the war and score their supporting points for the next election rather than critisizing the govt.

  • 16 Aug 2007 05:05:42 GMT

    IC will not be washing the dirty clothes of MR and brothers as honorable KR is doing now. KR has no shame, no credibility or any selfrespect. IC has ways of getting correct information and does not need ITN or Rupawahini or Daily news to tell them what is going on in Slanka.

    It won`t be long before, MR and government go on knees before IC and ask for pardon and more money.

  • 16 Aug 2007 14:34:04 GMT

    It`s high time this silly nincompoop Kehelgediya Rampukwella began to think as to why the IC was turning against the MR administration and thought of a plan to turn tables. May be the mutt does not have any grey matter upstairs to think!